The Syrian Ambassador in Lebanon: A Mafioso Par Excellence
By: Elias Bejjani

April 25/2012

In a scary and scandalous report that journalist Hamid Gheriafi published today in the Kuwaiti daily, Al Syiasi, he quoted prominent Syrian opposition figures in New York and Paris calling for an urgent human rights need to stop the horrible criminal atrocities the Syrian ambassador in Beirut, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, is openly carrying out all over Lebanon.

They described Ali, an ex-secret security officer, as evil, vindictive, blood thirsty and merciless, and orchestrating and conducting all the notorious kidnapping and assassination felonies in Lebanon against both Syrian citizens and opposition leaders, as well as against Lebanese intellectuals and politicians who oppose Assadís bloody Syrian regime.

One of these Syrian opposition leaders living in New York informed Al Syiasi daily yesterday that it is not acceptable under any given circumstances to turn a blind eye on the brutalities that this man, Ali, is inflicting savagely on many Syrians, citizens, politicians and military personnel, who were forced to take refuge in Lebanon in a bid to escape the crimes al-Assad regime is committing against its own people who oppose al-Assadís dictatorship and call for his resignation.

According to the report, Ambassador Ali has converted the Syrian embassy in Beirut to a major headquarters for pro-Syrian killers, assassins, spies, mercenaries and secret intelligence activities. Among those merciless hitmen and criminals that Ali hired and leads are tens of Lebanese security men serving the al- Assad regime and not their own country, Lebanon, or its military leadership.

Lebanese Internal Security officer, Salah Al Hajj (son of the former Lebanese director of Internal Security Forces, General Ahmed Al Hajj, a major suspect in the ex-Lebanese Raffic Al Harriri assassination in 2005) is one of these hitmen.

Hajj, has been involved in blatantly smuggling weapons into Syria, kidnapping many Syrians and Lebanese and transferring them to Syria where they are liquidated. This officer and many others who serve Ambassador Ali are loyal to the two Shiite terrorist and pro-Syrian-Iranian organizations, Hezbollah and Amal Movement.

The Syrian ambassador is replicating the notorious and oppressive era of Syriaís occupation of Lebanon that had ended in 2005. He practically runs a professional Mafioso gang of well-trained killers and assassins. For the last year Ali has been unashamedly terrorizing and intimidating all Syrian refugees who fled their country to Lebanon in fear for their lives. The UN has estimated that there are about 25,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

An active Syrian diaspora opposition leader told Al Syiasi that Hezbollah, the Iranian Shiite terrorist organization that actually and practically occupies Lebanon and fully controls its government and most of its security bodies, has made the country's communication data available for Ali and his assassination team around the clock. Through this data Ali and his Syrian-Lebanese spies have full accessibility for surveillance all over Lebanon. Accordingly, Ali monitors the activities and phone calls of all the Lebanese politicians, officials and many others.

Ali also runs in Beirut, its suburbs and the Bekaa Valley a number of detention and torturing centers that are used to detain, and torture the victims before either being killed or transferred to Syria.

One might wonder and ask why the Lebanese security forces are not doing anything to stop Ali and his assassination team? The answer is because Hezbollah runs the country and serves the Syrian and Iranian expansionism and terrorism schemes and not the Lebanese people.

Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition is calling on the Lebanese authorities and the UN to put an end to Ali's atrocities and close the Syrian embassy in Lebanon or otherwise they are threatening to resort to military action against the embassy building.

In conclusion, Ali is using Lebanon to entrap and hunt all free Syrian citizens and dignitaries who flee to Lebanon. At the same time he is using all evil criminal and spying means to intimidate the Lebanese politicians and intellectuals who support the Syrian revolution. Sadly, Lebanon is an occupied country and accordingly its government which is a Syrian-Iranian puppet is not going to solve this problem. The UN and Arab league are required to step in and take action against Ali and the gangs that he runs.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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N.B: To read in Arabic journalist Hamid Gheriafi's report that was published today in the Kuwaiti daily, Al Syiasi, Click Here