The Cancerous Iranian Hezbollah
Elias Bejjani: It has been very clear that Lebanon can not disarm or control Hezbollah. Hezbollah, this Iranian cancerous armed body is a major threat not only to Lebanon, but to all the Middle East countries and to the whole world in regards to stability, peace and democracy. Meanwhile the United Nat...ions peace forces stationed on the borders between Lebanon and Israel are crippled and do not have the needed engagement jurisdiction to disarm Hezbollah or even to confiscate its weaponry caches.
This evil stalemate status is not a helping element for the peace in the Middle East. The Free world has an obligation to put an end to Hezbollah's mini state that Syria and Iran have created in Lebanon against the will of the majority of the Lebanese people.
The Free world should not wait for terrorism disasters to unfold like what took place on 11 September in the USA, it has an obligation to prevent these disasters from occurring by all means including use of force.
Elias Bejjani

Roula Talj's response to the above statement
Elias, I do not agree with you, but I respect your free mind and your point of view but in this statement, you are letting your hatred to Hezbollah mislead you a great deal.. what does Hezbollah have to do with September 11th attack?? even that pic is not one of Hezbollah militants.. I would like you to explain to me your vision of a free ,democratic Lebanon, where people are equally treated under the same human right standard, regardless of sectarian or social differences, in the presence of all the war lords, in power and I mean ALL OF THEM! those who killed civilians, innocent women and children, and than when the regional atmosphere was right they gathered in Taef and as a result, they managed to steal 40 billion Dollars from us ,and the generations to come. Why a smart man like you is only focused on the threat caused by Hezbollah and general Michel Aoun and is not able to see the threat caused by other factions.. as per example, the extremist who where sneaked to the country through the airport, Nahr El BAred is one specimen of the wicked mind of some, that you consider the protectors of our freedoms..that is not an attack, I am just trying to understand.
thank you

Elias Bejjani's response to Roula's response
Dear: Terrorism and fanaticism are an education, a thinking pattern, and a life style, no matter who is the fanatic group, individual or country. Accordingly there is no difference at all between Talban, Qaeda, Hezbollah, Tamel tigers, Jund Al Eslam, Syria or Iran. They all are possessed and motivated by the same kind of education and thinking. 
As you already know all of them believe in the mono ideology and in imposing their own ways of life and religions on others by force. They consider all those against them enemies that must be destroyed and liquidated.
Aoun himself stated this fact in his speech in front of the American congress in year 2002. He said: " There are countries who harbor, breed, use and export terrorism. If you attack Hezbollah, Syria the terrorist regime will breed tens of Hezbollah's like organizations". Aoun's advice to the USA was attack the terrorist regimes, Syria and Iran if really you want to eradicate terrorism.
Fatah Al Eslam terrorists who fought in Naher Al Bared were a Syrian product, Hezbollah is Iran's product, Al Qaeda is Al Wahabi's product, Islamic brotherhood are originally Egypt's product and the list goes on. The terrorist regimes as Aoun labeled them produce all kinds of terrorist organizations and every time any of these organization is exposed or overused, they dismantle it and produce a new one under a new name.
As you can see I am not one sided in my vision, I do not suffer the tunnel vision syndrome, and most importantly I do not hate. My political, human and national stances stem from love and not hatred. BUT love does not mean to be blind, deaf and indifferent. Those who love, love their brothers and sister all over the world and work hard to safeguard their rights and to secure the right life milieus for them in all domains of life. Witnessing for the truth is not hatred, but an obligation.
The Palestinian-American psychiatrist who killed 13 and injured other 40 USA soldiers yesterday is an example of what the radical education, thinking and fanaticism life style that I addresses above can lead to. How could you explain his acts?
In conclusion Hezbollah is not only a threat to its own Shiites community and to the Lebanese people, but to the whole region and the entire world the same as every and each terrorist group and country. Are you aware that Hezbollah who is an Iranian mere mercenary army is involved in terrorist actions in Yemen,, Egypt. Azerbaijan, Europe, Canada, Kuwait, Arabian Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and in many other countries?
Dear, I do not support any politician, group or party in Lebanon, I only hail and criticize attitudes and stances as they arise. And you are right they are opportunists, chameleons and thieves.