You Can't Love Lebanon and at the same time side with its enemy, The Axis Of Evil
By: Elias Bejjani

We call on those who falsely allege to love their country Lebanon, no matter to what religion or denomination they are affiliated to. We call on them to be honest with themselves and fear Almighty God in their acts, rhetoric, stances and affiliations.

They deceive themselves and no body else when rhetorically they brag to love their country Lebanon, and at the same time side with its enemies, the Axis Of Evil countries and organizations who are determined to destroy it and erect on its ruins a religious dictatorship, a replicate of that imposed by force and terrorism on the Iranian people.

How could they love their country, Lebanon, when they are partners with Hezbollah that is merely an Iranian terrorist armed militia? In reality and actuality they are as guilty as Hezbollah is, and accountable even more than Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is deeply involved in numerous criminal organized acts against all the Lebanese people, e.g., killing, assassination, corruption, intimidation, drug trafficking, money laundering, smuggling, forging, stealing, and embezzlement etc.
Hezbollah is a cancerous evil entity that is infiltrating and devouring viciously all Lebanon's communities and institutions on all Levels.

Hezbollah is not Lebanese or Arabic, but a mere Iranian armed brigade that occupies Lebanon by force and holds the Lebanese people hostages. Hezbollah knows nothing about all the tags of liberation, resistance, and obstruction that it falsely and evilly advocates for.

Those Lebanese who are blindly siding with Hezbollah against their own people and country are ought to wake up and learn that they are committing suicide and destroying their country.

Those Lebanese must remember that they can't adopt two contradicting stances at the same time; They can't be with Lebanon and at the same time with its enemies.

We strongly suggest they read wisely and thoroughly what Saint Paul said to the Corinthians who were in the same position that they are in: "You cannot drink from the Lord's cup and also from the cup of demons; you cannot eat at the Lord's table and also at the table of demons. Or do we want to make the Lord jealous? Do we think that we are stronger than he?"(01 Corinthians 10/14-22)

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