Lebanon's 14th of March Coalition And Castration
By: Elias Bejjani*

June 13/2012

Sadly the Saudi high ranging officials including the King himself and his PM, did call for the current Lebanese new round of national dialogue that took place on Monday June 11/2012 at the presidential Palace. 17 top notch politicians from Lebanon's major religious denominations participated in this Saudi enforced futile and Babylonian new dialogue session

Last month the Saudi King called Lebanon's president, Suleiman and asked him to tackle the country's crises through dialogue allegedly in a bid to abort a potential religious strife between Sunnis and Shiites. Suleiman on the spot announced his invitation for the leaders and set the date.

All politicians who were invited except one said yes sir. They licked their reservations, swallowed their dignities, abandoned their covenants, dumped all previous national stances and hastily run to Baabada Palace to join the dialogue party. What a shame and what a humiliation.

The Lebanese Forces leader Dr. Samir Geagea was the only one who said no and gave solid reasons for his dignified and courageous stance. He loudly stated that unless Hezbollah's weaponry is the only issue on the table there is no sense for such a deceiving comedic show, "we are not interested in taking photos only"

Traditionally, Lebanon's politicians love to brag and to give empty rhetoric speeches. They rarely miss such occasions and parties because they care only about their own interests and personal gains and not about those of their people and the country. The majority of them are corrupted,  great time pathological liars, opportunist, Pharisees and Trojans. They have no respect even for their own supporters. They are a bunch of narcissists who never committed themselves to the interests of Lebanon or the Lebanese people.

Presumably the14th of March coalition hold a Lebanese identity, but apparently on paper only. This group that we always supported, and still do, is practically proving day after day that it is politically castrated and that its decision making process is not in Lebanon, but in Saudi Arabia.

Here lied the core and essence of the big problem with this coalition because the Saudis, like all other countries work for their own interests and not for those of others. Meanwhile It is true that the Saudis have been for years and still are great supporters for Lebanon and its people, and are not like the Mullahs of Iran who are working hard through their militia (Hezbollah) to topple the Lebanese regime by force and erect in its place an Iranian replicate. But still their major priority (Saudis) is their own interests and not that of Lebanon.

Sadly for the last 30 years, every time the Saudis dictated a major decision on their allies in Lebanon, the out come was disastrous and this time is not going to be much different. Initially and before the Saudi King called Suleiman in regards to this news national dialogue session, the 14th of March Coalition has set several conditions for joining such a dialogue, at the forefront was Hezbollah's deadly weaponry as the only item to be discussed in any future dialogue in a bid to give the Lebanese state a full control over it.

The coalition sadly discarded all its pre set conditions including Hezbollah's weaponry one for participating in such a dialogue and joined the party once the Saudis asked its members to do so.

One can't but Hail Dr. Samir Geagea for his pure Lebanese and courageous stance. He said no and refused to dance on the Saudi music and deceive his own people. Yes he might encounter dire regional or international loses, but Lebanese wise he gained a lot. He gained our respect, and trust.

We advice the 14t of March coalition to be Lebanese and practice what they preach: "Lebanon First" and Not Saudi Arabia first.
As long as this coalition is not free in its decisions, it will not be able to achieve any thing or fulfill any of its rhetoric promises. Yes, It a Sad reality.

*Elias Bejjani
*Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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