Compromises with Hezbollah are Lethal

By: Elias Bejjani*
June 19/09


Time after time terrorist and fundamental groups like Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and all others, prove with no shed of doubt that they only comprehend, listen and respond to crystal clear means of decisiveness, overt offensive action and a strong show of strength and power.  Their backward and destructive ideologies, as well as their fundamentalist nature and disrespect for all things unlike their own, reveal their true chauvinistic nature, as they look to humiliate, belittle and trample all those who ignore their threats and who do not bow to their logic and demands.

Before the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, most of the March 14 (Cedar Revolution coalition) leaders and thinking tanks, were not sure that they would be able to win a majority and prevent Hezbollah and its mercenary pro-Syrian and Iranian allies, in the form of the March 8th Coalition, from taking over the country.


Most of the Western free world countries were also almost sure that the March 8th Coalition was on its way to control the Lebanese parliament and accordingly rule Lebanon and turn it into another Gaza conundrum.  Some of these countries even issued official statements in which they addressed openly their future inclination to deal openly with Hezbollah when they would win the elections.  At the same time the majority of the media facilities in the USA, Europe, Israel and some Arab countries published hundreds of studies, poll results and analytical reports and interviews, all predicting Hezbollah’s sure win.


The Lebanese peace loving people were not deceived, discouraged or influenced by all these negative predictions and polls.  They held to their solid beliefs, optimism, deeply rooted faith and love for life and voted with their conscience with success.  They chose with strong determination and perseverance to safeguard their beloved country and protect its democratic and multicultural nature.  These Lebanese bravely headed to the polls, casted their votes and gave once more the March 14th coalition an overwhelming  parliamentary majority.  They stood tall like their country’s Holy Cedars and succeeded victoriously in usurping the expected endgame predicted by most of the world.


The Lebanese people, in spite of all the evil tactics of oppression, intimidation and bribery that Hezbollah and their allies inflicted on them on a daily basis, declared a resounding “No!”, and did not allow this Iranian armed terrorist organization to take over their country, uproot their identity, enslave them and downtrodden their dignity and pride.


Hopefully the Western Free World and the Arab States will seriously and effectively come to the rescue of the Lebanese people and help them find a final and lasting solution for Hezbollah’s mini state and its huge arsenal of weapons.  Neither the Lebanese, nor their government can accomplish this sophisticated task.


Hezbollah is an Iranian Army stationed in Lebanon that threatens not only the Lebanese and their state, but also Israel, all the Arab countries as well as peace and democracy all over the world. This fact simply means Hezbollah, yes is a Lebanese problem, but also and to a great extent it is a deadly regional and global real hazard too.


Hezbollah’s mini state in Lebanon, militarily, financially and organizationally is much more powerful than the Lebanese state itself. This reality is well known to all the Arab and Western countries. According to the France Press Agency, (June 17/09), the former USA head of homeland security, Mr. Michael Chertoff has said in a book that he will publish later this year: (“Hezbollah Could Surpass Al Qaida as Most Serious Long-Term Threat to the U.S. It is better equipped, better trained and better politically positioned than Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida. Al-Qaida and its network are our most serious immediate threat, they may not be our most serious long-term threat. Having operated for more than a quarter-century, Hezbollah has developed capabilities that al-Qaida can only dream of, including large quantities of missiles and highly sophisticated explosives. This group also has uniformly well trained operatives, an exceptionally well-disciplined force of nearly 30,000 fighters, and extraordinary political influence”).


According to Chertoff, Hezbollah was behind a suicide bombing that killed 200 U.S. marines in Beirut in 1983 and the 1996 bombing of the Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia, which killed more than 20 people. Despite its defeat in elections earlier this month, Hezbollah and its allies remain a major force in Lebanese politics. It is this power, along with Hezbollah's military weight and ties with Iran that are worrying, according to Chertoff. " Hezbollah shows what an ideologically driven terrorist organization can become when it evolves into an army and a political party and gains a deeply embedded degree of control within a state, as Hezbollah has done in Lebanon's democratic infrastructure," he warns. Chertoff argues Hezbollah poses a growing threat in the Western Hemisphere, despite limited attacks on U.S. targets. "While Hezbollah may not have carried out attacks in the United States itself, it has developed a presence in the Western Hemisphere, specifically in South America," Chertoff says, alleging that the group carried out bombings of Jewish and Israeli targets in Buenos Aires."These acts disturbingly underscore Hezbollah's reach into the hemisphere, notably the tri-border areas at the margins of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay." (AFP, 7 June 09)


Meanwhile Hezbollah is not hiding anymore its Iranian identity or it mere affiliation to the Iranian notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). ( Its clergy leadership is boldly and loudly refusing to disarm or dismantle its mini state:  Below is a verbatim fiery and scary statement uttered recently by one of Hezbollah’s prominent clergymen:

MTV - Sunday, June 14, 2009: " Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, the personal representative in Lebanon of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,, and Hezbollah's Party Shawra Council member: “Hezbollah will not give up its strength no matter how much the USA and others dream of its weapons. He who does not own weapons can’t live in this world". He added; "Others during the election period (Lebanese June 07/09 parliamentary elections), entered peoples’ houses to scare them from Waeleat Al Faqeah and (fool them) that Iran will come to Lebanon to turn it to an Iranian arena. To this extent the surge of militarization, communalism and sectarianism has reached. The whole world came (to Lebanon) to delude the people that if the opposition (8th of March Coalition) wins the elections, Lebanon will become another Gaza. The will and referendum were on the resistance. It (The resistance) has transformed from being weapons to a state of education and society. We will not give up this strength no matter how much the USA and others dream of our weapons. Our weapons are subject to our lives because we see that he who does not own weapons and power won’t be able to live in this life. Therefore we have to impose our existence via the strength that we own. This is why we are today better then ever before. Rest assured, you the honest, we are the victorious by God’s will because we call for what is righteous and do not)".


Now that the parliamentary election is over, the 14th of March Coalition MP’S, who were awarded the majority by the people, have a national, ethical and legal obligation to hold dear to their election’s platform and promises. The Lebanese gave them a mandate to stop Hezbollah from controlling the country, contain its weapons within the state’s institutions, put an end to its mini state, and find the appropriate ways and means to end its hegemony on Lebanon’s decision making process in regards to war and peace.

Any compromises the 14th of March Coalition cut with Hezbollah on the account of the law, constitution and UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701, will be fatal to the future of the Lebanese state as a democracy, and to the peace process not only in Lebanon, but in the whole region. What the people of Lebanon are looking for as a first step is that the 14th of March Coalition will not give to Hezbollah or its weaponry any legitimacy in the Ministerial Statement of the government that will be formed soon. .

While dealing with Hezbollah, at any level, and with what ever issue, the 14th of March Coalition MP’S must never ignore that fact that the majority of Lebanese people from all nominations, and all walks of life, with no fear or hesitation have given them a mandate to say, No to Terrorism, No to Syrian and Iranian schemes against Lebanon, No to Hezbollah’s weaponry arsenal and mini state, No to the education of hatred, rejection of others, suicide and fanaticism 


Any deviation from these NO’S shall mount to treason. Both MP’S,  Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblat must tailor their stances with the framework of the peoples’ mandate and fulfill their electoral promises.


By God’s will, Lebanon shall never, ever be a replicate of the Iranian Mullah's oppressive Regime, and will never, ever adopt the Iranian denominational Wilayat Al-Faqih doctrine as a substitute to its constitution, Multiculturalism, Human Rights, Democracy and openness. (

Congratulations to the Lebanese faithful and patriotic people for their peaceful and daring achievement.

Beloved Lebanese in Lebanon: We, The Lebanese in Diaspora are very proud of you


*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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