Hezbollah's scheme to cripple UNIFIL in south Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani

July 10/2010

Hundreds of local and international media reports and analyses extensively addressed the recent dire and unprecedented assaults that viciously targeted the UNIFIL troops in south Lebanon within the region that is adjacent to the Israeli borders. Journalists, analysts and reporters gave numerous and diversified readings for Hezbollah's actual agenda, which practically orchestrated, planned and executed the assaults through its militant southern villager supporters.

One can freely say that most of the analysts' readings in regard to the Syrian and Iranian regional and global agenda were true to a certain extent, but Hezbollah's main objective, as well as that of its two Iranian and Syrian masters, was to cripple and castrate the UNIFIL troops and replicate its venomous ongoing scheme that crippled the Lebanese army since 2005 and totally marginalized its role.

Hezbollah wants UNIFIL to be something like a boy scout contingent, only assigned to prepare reports and having no military teeth, power, or authority, as well as no freedom of movement. Hezbollah is planning to make the UNIFIL troops mere hostages and pawns under its control that it can manipulate and use in any future confrontation with Israel or between Iran and Syria on one side and the Free World on the other.

The reports said that southern villagers seized weapons from the UN peacekeepers, hurled stones and eggs at their patrols, prevented them by force from entering the villages, accused their soldiers and officers of being Israeli spies, physically and morally assaulted them, and damaged their armored vehicles

The assailants were falsely and disguisedly portrayed by Hezbollah's media facilities and by other mercenary trumpet and cymbal media as "civil citizens", while in fact all these men and women who launched the well planned and organized attacks against the UNIFIL troops were actually militant Hezbollah personnel on its payroll. They simply followed the orders of their superiors, while the majority of the southern villagers had nothing to do with this havoc.

One might wonder why the majority of the southern citizens were mute, did not expose Hezbollah's schemes and allowed its media to falsely portray them as its supporters? Their subservient stance simply lies in the fact that Hezbollah practically occupies all the southern region by force, manipulation, money, terrorism, religious decrees (fatwas) and bribery. The Lebanese government has no say in all the region and its officials are either intimidated by Hezbollah or committed members in its organization.

It is worth mentioning that Hezbollah did not abide by UN Resolution 1701 that called for its disarmament and for the Lebanese army supported by the UNIFIL troops to have the sole control of south Lebanon in general and of the region where UNIFIL functions in particular. Sadly, the Lebanese army whose leadership is greatly influenced by Hezbollah's hegemony and terrorism did not execute its duties and obligations and kept a blind eye on all of Hezbollah's infringements and atrocities.

According to the UN Resolution 1701 articles, the Lebanese government is requested to deploy 15,000 soldiers of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon in a bid to secure stability and peace in the region jointly with the UNIFIL troops and confiscate all illegal arms. Because of Hezbollah's power, influence and control of the government, only 3,000 Lebanese soldiers are in fact deployed in south Lebanon, and mostly if not all their officers are loyal to Hezbollah and not to the Lebanese state.

Hezbollah has reached a stage of "ego and power inflation" where its leadership has deluded itself that it can easily cripple the UNIFIL troops without any serious repercussions or reprisals after it has castrated the Lebanese army while the whole world watches quietly without taking any action.

Hezbollah’s leaders felt that the countries that have troops in UNIFIL, especially France, Spain and Germany, are helpless and would not stand up against their assaults, especially since that Free World has not yet been decisive in deterring their Iranian and Syrian rogue custodians.

Ironically, the current devastating problem in Lebanon that is totally occupied by Hezbollah and its two malevolent overlords, Syria and Iran, is no longer limited to the heresies, abuses, crimes and violations committed by Hezbollah at all levels and in all domains, but also profoundly lies in the sickening mentality of the majority of Lebanon's officials and politicians who cowardly have abandoned their national and ethical responsibilities and blindly accepted subordination to the evil forces of terrorism.

These puppet officials and politicians have succumbed to the evil Syrian-Iranian forces and to Hezbollah who are seeking to destroy Lebanon's entity, uproot his identity, marginalize his civilization, enslave the Lebanese people and drag the county back to the Stone Age era. 

We call on the Free World and on the moderate Arab countries to jointly come to the rescue of the Lebanese people whose country is occupied and whose government is a mere cover for the occupier, Hezbollah. 

Hezbollah is gradually devouring the country piece by piece while the people of Lebanon have reached a stage where they have become unable alone to stop this brutal, reprehensible terrorist organization from completely taking over their beloved country.

In conclusion, the recent Hezbollah terrorist-organized assaults against the UNIFIL troops in south Lebanon are going to escalate and become bolder unless the United Nations and the UNIFIL-participating countries take decisive measures to deter Hezbollah, and implement and enforce UN Resolution 1701 under Chapter  7.    

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