The Lebanese will never succumb to terrorism
By: Elias Bejjani

September 12/2010

The on going dire challenges that are imposed on our Lebanese people and beloved country, Lebanon, by the Axis of Evil countries and organizations, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and their mercenaries, does not affect our self confidence or weaken our strong spirit of peaceful and civilized resistance. These existential challenges make us stronger and more adamant to reclaim by all means our confiscated freedom, independence and sovereignty. 

With each and every threat Hezbollah voices to subdue us, take over Lebanon and annihilate our identity and culture, our perseverance and longing for a free Lebanon without Hezbollah and its likes are reignited and rejuvenated. Threats and intimidation never scared our courageous, peace loving people in the past, and definitely will never now or at any time in the future no matter who is threatening or how loud and sturdy are the threats. 

We, the sovereign and faithful Lebanese, intensely believe in our legitimate and holy right to a descent, free and democratic Lebanon. It must be crystal clear to all aggressors, fundamentalists, terrorists and powers of evil that we shall never allow any of them to control our country or force on our people a regime that drags us back into a Stone Age era like the Syrian Baathist and Iranian mullahs' regimes.

We plan, anticipate, wait and hold on to our faith and hopes. We strive and work hard for achievable reachable, reasonable, legitimate, righteous, acceptable and logical aims. We have always been convinced that our patriotic dreams and hopes can be fulfilled when genuinely embraced with faith, self-confidence, perseverance, determination, devotion, knowledge and a strong will. We strived and shall keeping on striving to keep Lebanon a pioneering, civilized nation and to live peacefully under the umbrella of law, justice, freedom and human rights.
We strived and shall keeping striving to make our society an example in righteous virtues and tolerance.
We struggled and shall keep struggling to be in full control of our destiny, history, heritage and culture.
We worked hard and shall continue doing so for a Lebanon in which only the language of peace and love will prevail.
We are hopeful that the day of positive change will come soon to fulfill our people’s dreams, ambitions and aspirations. We are hopeful that equality will rule where individual rights are respected, law is the criteria for judgment and qualifications are the only basis for reward and appreciation. We are adamant to fight for righteous national slogans that our people understand and respect. We long that peace shall defeat war, stability beat terrorism, qualifications overcome favoritism, righteousness replaces oppression, nationalism abolishes subservience and openness wins over isolation.

Lebanon cannot survive without justice no matter what price the Lebanese need to pay. Meanwhile, Lebanon will not be again an oasis for peace if the criminals are not made accountable and put on trial. History tells us that political assassinations and oppression will not end unless the state of law prevails. Accordingly, all Lebanese politicians and leaders who are currently hailing all vicious attacks against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) must be identified and tagged as traitors who are succumbing to terrorism and willingly carrying the yoke of enslavement.

The Lebanese need to be fully aware that the vicious ongoing campaign against the STL waged by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and their mercenaries is a destructive well planned scheme against the Lebanese people’s dignity, honor, rights and future.

Hezbollah's terrorism scheme to intimidate the Free World, Arab countries and the UN must not be allowed to succeed or otherwise Lebanon will fall prey to Syria and Iran. Those wicked and cowardly Lebanese politicians who are trying to corner the Lebanese people between either stability or justice must be indicted on charges of treason because no country can be independent and free without justice.

The Lebanese dreams and hopes in a civilized and prosperous free, democratic and multicultural Lebanon will all be evaporated and buried if, God forbid, justice is compromised and Hezbollah is allowed to get away with the Hariri crime and other horrible atrocities. Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and all other suspects in the Hariri crime and other political crimes must be put on trial and justice served.

To those Lebanese politicians who sold out their country and its people for thirty pieces of silver we say: enough is enough, no more deceiving and conniving. The time has come for you to face justice and pay for your crimes.

In conclusion, no matter what the hardships are, the faithful Lebanese people will not abandon their patriotic obligations to defend their beloved country, and by God's graces shall always stand tall like their Holy Cedars, and will never ever succumb to terrorism.

*Elias Bejjani
*Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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*Mailing phoenicia group