The Syrian regime's survival is Lebanon's demise
By: Elias Bejjani

July 23/2011

For the majority of the Lebanese people, the holistic patriotic picture has become very clear. In general, they are now fully aware of the precipitating factors and perpetuating elements underlying the ongoing flagrant direct and indirect Syrian-Iranian occupation of their country through armed militias and a bunch of traitorous, Trojan horse politicians and officials spearheaded by the terrorist fundamentalist Hezbollah.

Lebanese people both in the homeland and Diaspora are very much aware of the numerous evil, vicious Syrian-Iranian obstacles deliberately employed and imposed on them by force and murder to hinder their beloved Lebanon from fully reclaiming its independence, sovereignty, freedom, tranquility and peace.

The free and patriotic Lebanese strongly reject and ridicule the fake and camouflaging slogans of hostility towards Israel, the USA and the Western Free world, as well as those of resistance, liberation, the people, government, and army triad, one people in two countries, and the many other deceitful tools of deception that Hezbollah utilizes as a pretext to maintain its ministate and hegemony on Lebanon and its people.

Since 1975, a state of darkness started to prevail among some misled Lebanese, leaders and citizens because of the Machiavellian Syrian-Iranian "divide and rule" imperialistic tactics. Meanwhile, subservient stances adopted by the Syrian-Iranian installed Lebanese officials and politicians created a class of shameless collaborators, opportunists, mercenaries and traitors. Sadly, these parasites still dominate the country from top to bottom and blindly serve the interests of their masters through persecution of the free Lebanese people.

The current Lebanese government headed by billionaire Najib Mikati is totally manipulated and controlled by Hezbollah on behalf of its two evil regime sponsors, Iran and Syria. This anti-peace and anti-freedom government that was forced on the Lebanese by terrorism, extortion and intimidation has nothing to do with Lebanon the state and the constitution or the interests and welfare of the Lebanese people. Simply it is a human tool that Hezbollah is using and abusing to continue its devouring of the country while hindering by force the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) that has already indicted four of its top notch leaders.

The current Lebanese-installed regime and government and on all levels are fully manipulated by the Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes. Sadly, our Lebanese people are used mercilessly to serve Syria's and Iran's terrorist and expansionism agendas.

Hopefully, the ambiguousness, terrorism, barbarism, and distortion created by the two Evil of Axis countries since the early seventies to justify their ongoing occupation of Lebanon through murderous armed proxies and mercenary officials and politicians will vanish soon by the help of the Free World, UN, and after the Syrian al-Assad dictatorship regime is toppled and replaced by a new, free and democratic Syrian regime.

The Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes have polluted Lebanon with their Stone Age education of hatred, rejection of others, hostility, fanaticism, wars, and anti-peace, anti-human rights mentality. The majority of the Lebanese have become completely disgusted with these devious tactics.

The Syrian leadership has imposed its version of nationalism on Lebanon to justify scarifying the Lebanese men, women and children in endless and futile Syrian wars. They brainwashed many politicians, officials and citizens through confusion, terrorism, manipulation, cheating, intimidation, and blatant instigation of sectarian divisions.

Time after time, Syria, Iran and their armed proxies beat the drums of war and raise provocative sectarian slogans to further divide the Lebanese. All along, we have heard and witnessed numerous Syrian and Iranian figures, puppet Lebanese politicians and officials do so by their ferocious rhetorical attacks against each other and against patriotic figures.

Ever since Syria assumed total control over Lebanon in 1990 and installed a Lebanese satellite regime, the Lebanese have been spoon-fed by the Syrianized Lebanese media on a daily basis and told that the civil war will be rekindled should the Syrian army ever be forced to depart from their country. In fact when the Syrian army was forced in 2005 to withdraw from Lebanon, no such fallacies happened, but on the contrary the Lebanese from all sects became more united and laid ground for the Cedars Revolution.

Since the early sixties and even before that, the Syrian regime has instigated all the wars in Lebanon, supplied all the outlaws with arms, encouraged and used the Palestinian refugees to challenge the Lebanese authorities and the army and to erect their own ministates, helped the Iranian mullahs' regime to hijack the Lebanese Shiite community through the armed terrorist group, Hezbollah and establish its ministate. In fact, all Lebanon's problems since 1925 were made in Syria.

Lebanon's enemies currently control its regime and follow the militias' model. They have created sectarian barriers among the people and destroyed the national foundations of the country. They boldly accuse patriotic leaders of preaching hatred and opposing social modernization. What proof do they have for these false allegations? What are their examples? Nobody in fact knows. Although they expect us to blindly believe what they say, march behind them and repeat like parrots whatever they utter, as some simple-minded imbeciles do.

The Syrian regime and its installed puppets in Lebanon do not want us to think or talk about the Syrian-Iranian occupation that is forced through Hezbollah, or otherwise they threaten that the massacres will start again. They want us to lose our national self-confidence and pride. They want us to live in continuous fear and intimidation under the delusion that only the Syrian regime is capable of preventing internal conflicts from igniting.

While the Syrian revolution against the al-Assad dictatorship has been getting stronger and more widespread, the Syrian regime's deceptive media propaganda is trying to sell the Free World a big lie in regard to the safety of Christian communities in both Syria and Lebanon. This lie alleges that al-Assad regime is protecting the Christians and in case it would be toppled the Salafist Sunnis will massacre the Christians as was the situation in Iraq after its liberation from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship by the USA and other Western armies. What a fallacy.

The question is, how can a wolf protect his prey? No way, because a savage, inhuman and murderous regime like that of al-Assad's dictatorship knows only how to enslave, torture and kill. Christians in Syria are abused by al-Assad regime and persecuted like the rest of the Syrian people from all sects. When Hafez al-Assad took over Syria 42 years ago through a bloody coup, Syrian Christian numbers were between 20- 25% of the country's population. Since then their numbers have been reduced to 5-6%.

Meanwhile, during Syria's bloody 30-year occupation of Lebanon all Christian Lebanese communities were persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, kidnapped, liquidated, displaced, terrorized, forced to leave the country and exposed to hardships that they never encountered in their history. In 1994, the Syrian occupation illegally granted Lebanese citizenship to more than half million Muslim Syrian, Arabs and Palestinians making the Christians less than 50% of the country's 4 million population. No occupier in history has harmed Lebanon's Christians more than the Syrian al-Assad regime.

In conclusion, as long as the Syrian Baathist regime remains in power, Lebanon and its people, as well as all the neighboring countries, including Israel, will never have peace or stability. Sadly, Lebanon will remain in the eyes of President Bachar al-Assad and the thugs of his regime the haven they have always aspired to own and control. Without a shred of doubt, Syria would have preferred to keep the Israelis in south Lebanon in the year 2000 so it could continue occupying the rest of the country.

Meanwhile, the Syrian regime will do anything not to lose its iron grip on Lebanon and definitely has no intention whatsoever to let this country peacefully reclaim its confiscated independence and sovereignty. Al-Assad's agenda is to keep Lebanon under occupation indefinitely and accordingly will instigate all kinds of wars no matter what the consequences in a bid to maintain his full hegemony.

Hopefully, the Baathist, al-Assad Stone Age regime will be toppled soon by the free Syrian people simply because the equation for Lebanon is: The Syrian regime's survival is Lebanon's demise.

Elias Bejjani
*Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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