The Play of Assaulting Four Sunni Sheiks In Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani/

Summary of my new Arabic piece: the crime of assaulting the Sunni four Sheiks was planned, mastered and executed by the terrorist, Iranian Hezbollah in a bid to serve the pro Hezbollah Sunni Mufti Qabani who has been charged with his son with corruption and is on the way to be forced out of his position.

Meanwhile the other main objective was to push the stone age Sunni fundamentalist and salafists, like Sheik Assir, Sheik Omar Bakry, Sheik Al Chahal, etc to the forefront on the account of the modernist Sunnis, especially Al Musaqbal Movement.

The piece also calls on the 14th of March leaders with no exception to stop cajoling Hezbollah and name it with its real name, A terrorist, Iranian army that occupies Lebanon and is endeavouring to topple is regime of co-existence erect in its place an Iranian Mullahs' Weleat Al Faqeh Republic, In regards to Hezbollah, the cancerous body, the first fact is that many bodies like Hezbollah have emerged all through history in many countries.

Each one was shaped and set up according to the time they lived in. The other fact is none of them continued to be able to survive and all of them vanished. Hezbollah is not going in any way to be an exception. What is sad is that Hezbollah's Lebanese leader and their Iranian, masters, the Mullahs are not learning any thing that is wise or profitable from history

Beirut on edge after Sheikhs assaulted
Agencies, 17 March/13
Tensions rose in Beirut late Sunday evening following attacks against Sunni Sheikhs in Shiite neighborhoods, sparking anger as protesters cut roads and armed men appeared on the streets of Beirut's Tariq al-Jedideh neighborhood. Two Sheikhs, identified as Mazen Hariri and Ahmad Fakhran, were beaten in the central Beirut neighborhood of Khandaq al-Ghamik while walking from Downtown Beirut's Mohammad al-Amin Mosque, the National News Agency reported. Meanwhile, another two Sheikhs, Adnan Imama and Hassan Abdel Rahman, were assaulted in the South Beirut suburb of Shiyyah, Lebanon's state agency added. Following the incident, protesters in Sunni areas of Lebanon's capital began cutting roads, as tension rose in the city.
Sunni Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir checked up on two of the wounded Sheikhs in the Makassed Hospital in Beirut’s Tariq al-Jedideh neighborhood, as hundreds of young men with Islamist flags gathered outside the building to protest against the attack.The protesters then marched to the nearby Imam Ali Mosque, where a number of them started firing their weapons into the air, an eyewitness told NOW.Following the gathering and prayers, the angry Sunni youths rushed to the Kola roundabout and began burning tires and garbage dumpsters. Smoke rose into the air all across the Kola roundabout that links the Sidon-Beirut highway to the central areas of Lebanon’s capital. Armed men could be seen roaming the streets of Tariq al-Jedideh, the eyewitness said, adding that traffic was at a minimum. As the night wore on, the Lebanese army deployed to on the western side of the Kola roundabout across from Tariq al-Jedideh and by morning the thoroughfare had been reopened. Local media outlets reported that roads had also been cut in Beirut's Tayouneh neighborhood as well as in Sidon. Amid the growing tension, the Lebanese army announced in a statement that it had raided the homes of men suspected in the attacks, arresting five of them.  Lebanon's top Sunni cleric, Grand Mufti Mohammad Rashid Qabbani, called for "self-restraint" following the incident. Meanwhile, Lebanese Premier Najib Miqati wrote late Sunday night on his Twitter account, "May God protect Lebanon from these [agitations] and aggressors from any party will be held accountable."Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel also visited the Makassed Hospital in Tariq al-Jedideh, saying afterward that he had spoken with Speaker Nabih Berri—the leader of the Shiite Amal Movement—who stressed security forces need to take action against the perpetrators of the Sheikhs’ assaults, MTV reported.
Hezbollah and the Amal Movement condemned the attack on the Sheikhs in Khandaq al-Ghamik, saying the incident aimed to incite strife

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مقالة الياس بجاني العربية الجديدة
جريمة الاعتداء على المشايخ هدفها ضرب الاعتدال السني وتعويم المفتي قباني/الياس بجاني/22 آذار/13
بالصوت/جريمة الاعتداء على المشايخ هدفها ضرب الاعتدال السني وتعويم المفتي قباني/الياس بجاني/22 آذار/13
مقدمة المقالة/المطلوب اليوم من جميع السياديين والأحرار في لبنان الأم، وبلاد الاغتراب، وتحديداً، قادة 14 آذار كافة المترددين والخائفين والمرتبكين أن يقولوا لأنفسهم وللناس وبصوت عال آلاف المرات كفانا تقية وذمية وتجابن، وكفانا خيانة لدماء الشهداء، وكفانا مساومات على أهداف ثورة الأرز النبيلة والعابرة للطوائف، وكفانا نفاقاً ولعباً على الحبال، وكفانا خطاباً وثقافة ومقاربات للأحداث والتاريخ تجافي الحقائق وتزورها. هؤلاء القادة المتعثرين والغارقين في أوحال أنانيتهم الفاقعة، والمُغلّبين مصالحهم الخاصة على مصالح الوطن، والذين منذ العام 2005 يخرجون من حفرة ليقعوا في أخرى، عليهم جميعاً أن يكرروا آلاف المرات أفعال التوبة والندامة العلنية ليقتلوا في دواخلهم ما علق فيها وعليها وترسخ وعشعش في زواياها من موبؤات حقبة الاحتلال السوري الغاشمة من مفردات بالية، وببغائيات مملة، وحربائيات معيبة، ورزم، ورزم من قلة الإيمان وخور الرجاء.  على هؤلاء القادة جميعاً ومعهم المواطن الغنمي "والمصلجي" أن يصححوا الخطاب والمسار والنبرة، ويخافوا ويتقوا الله، ويتوقفوا فوراً عن الاستهزاء بكرامة، وذكاء ووطنية ولقمة عيش وأمن وسلام المواطن اللبناني. بداية وقبل قيامهم بأي خطوة في هذا المسار التصحيحي للذنوب والأخطاء والخطايا وخداع الذات والآخرين، عليهم أولاً أن يجاهروا بالحقيقة الساطعة كالشمس التي عمادها وأساسها يؤكدان بما لا يقبل الشك أن حزب الله لم يحرر الجنوب عام 2000 كما يرددون كالببغاوات والصنوج والطبول بمناسبة وغير مناسبة على خلفية الجبن والذمية.


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