Patriarch Bchara Al Raei Does Not Represent Us
By: Elias Bejjani*

September 30/11

The derailed, Syrianized and Iranianized Maronite Patriach Bchara Al Raei Al Raei will be visiting the USA tomorrow for 19 long days. Let us as patriotic diaspora Christian Maronites in particular and free Lebanese in general be loud, courageous witnesses for the truth and say to this man of cloth a big NO for all his denounced and shameful pro-Axis of Evil stances and rhetoric.

Let us tell him with no hesitation, fear, or shame that we the Christian Maronites adore peace, fear Almighty God, hail coexistence, advocate for democracy and acceptance of others, and accordingly we cannot support killers and murderers or keep a blind eye on human rights' criminal atrocities in neighboring Syria or in any other county all over the world.

Let us be what we are and what we proudly have been for 7,000 years: a people of love, peace, faith, devotion, and openness.

Let this arrogant, conceited and estranged Patriarch take note that a Maronite noble and faithful clergyman is not recognized, respected or honored by us the Maronites when he against all our deeply rooted history, culture, faith and education supports the terrorist Hezbollah's arsenal of terrorism, destruction and invasions, stupidly sides with the evil Syrian regime, shamelessly advocates hatred and sickening grudges against other religious denominations in Lebanon, blesses Hezbollah's oppressive and occupational government in Lebanon, opposes the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, does not witness for the truth no matter what the hardships are, does not honor the sacrifices of our great martyrs, and is not meek, loving, forgiving and humble.

We call on all our brothers and sisters, the American Lebanese in the USA to completely boycott all religious and social events that Patriarch Al Raei will be involved in during his pastoral visit to the USA and to loudly make their stances be heard all over.

Meanwhile, we hail the righteous and courageous stance that the USA administration has taken by not giving Al Raei any opportunity to meet with any USA official.

Al Raei by siding with terrorism and terrorists is negating all Maronite history.

It is worth mentioning that the Maronites made Lebanon their homeland since the 4th century after converting its native inhabitants to Christianity. They were identified by it, and it was identified by them; they were and still are one entity. The Maronite people were always hopeful, faithful and strong believers in the Christian Catholic doctrine. They made victories of defeats, joy of sorrow and hope of despair. The Maronites successfully created Maronite nation with hard work and a great deal of faith and sacrifices, by fulfilling its four basic pillars, a land, a people, a civilization and an independent political entity. They constantly fight for what was theirs, and never ever surrendered to despair.

Fouad Afram Boustani (the Maronite historian) described the Maronite denomination as, a faith of intelligence, an identify of life, a solid belief in Catholicism, a love for others, an ongoing endeavor for righteousness, a mentality of openness on the whole world, and on its different civilizations, and a vehicle for martyrdom. The Maronites established the state of Lebanon and made it an oasis for the persecuted in the area. They believed and practiced multiculturalism and pluralism. They created with the help of other minorities in the Middle East the unique nation of Lebanon.

We call on Al Raei to repent and be what he should be, a good and righteous shepherd. With him and for him we ask Almighty God to:
Help us live in peace and harmony with ourselves and others.
Lead our steps into the righteous paths and grant us the strength of endurance and hold us back from the sin of hurting or hating others.
Grant us the graces of love, meekness, humbleness, transparency, honesty and forgiveness.
Maintain our hearts and minds pure, and free from hatred, grudges and selfishness.
Constantly remind us that vengeance is evil and forgiveness is a Godly grace.
Help us not to allow vengeance to take control of our lives.

Elias Bejjani*
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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