Let the axis of evil mouthpieces cry and scream in vain
By: Elias Bejjani*

October 16/11

Let every Lebanese and Maronite take note: we do not see in Bchara Al Raei a genuine Maronite Patriarch, but a man of cloth and a Trojan horse who is doing all that he can in numerous devious, sinister and camouflaged ways, rhetoric, sermons, speeches, interviews, statements, manners, patterns and styles to make our peace-loving Lebanese people fall into temptation and commit suicide by siding with dictatorships, murderers, terrorists and outlaws, exactly like Beelzebub, the prince of demons.

Accordingly, we can't and must not debate or argue with those who are viciously defending the Syrianized and Iranianized Al Raei anti-Christian, anti-Lebanese, anti-peace, anti-democracy anti-faith stances and evil rhetoric because this same bunch of opportunists, terrorists, Pharisees and mercenaries is defending the Syrian and Iranian dictatorial regimes and hailing Hezbollah's terrorism and the ongoing conspiracy of the axis of evil countries to devour Lebanon and erect a replicate of the Iranian mullahs' radical Islamist regime.

In reality, these people, regardless of their social, religious or political statuses or names, are merely an echoing trumpet, cheap opportunists and ignoramuses. Meanwhile, we can and we should peacefully and wisely continue to loudly voice our own patriotic and faithful convictions, and free opinions.

We have an obligation to act in an honest and morally responsible way to strengthen a free Lebanon, for the sacrifices of our martyrs, and, at the same time, to courageously expose the hazardous, fatal and devastating consequences of Al Raeiís derailed stances and rhetoric.

It worth mentioning that getting involved directly or indirectly with those mercenaries and Trojan horses in arguments or debates is a complete waste of time and effort and makes us lose track of our main cause. We donít need to stoop that low because we surely know who they are, who their masters are and what exactly their evil aims are.

So let them say whatever they like, distort the truth, lie as they choose, cry and scream as loud as they can. On our side we have to keep confidently and honestly saying what we have to say with no fear or any kind of hesitation or shame.

We MUST not be distracted from being ourselves, from whom really we are, from our holy patriotic cause, from the truth and foundations of honesty and transparency. We must keep on advocating for human rights, freedom and peace because we are Lebanese and because Lebanon's prime message is peace, coexistence, multiculturalism, freedom and acceptance of others.

For those who are hesitant, spineless, procrastinating, acting with humiliating cowardice like puppets, not taking honorable stances and are afraid to stand tall like the Holy Cedars of their beloved Lebanon and tell Al Raei what they think about his pro- axis of evil stance, we say what Jesus said to His disciples: "Why are you so frightened? What little faith you have!" (Matthew 08/26)

The real challenge for all patriotic Lebanese Maronite Christians as well as for all the peace-loving Lebanese mosaic communities in Lebanon and the diaspora lies in their crucial success in exposing and aborting all Al Raei pro-axis of evil endeavors.

The prime question for all Maronites who hail Lebanon's message of peace and multiculturalism is whether we are going to allow the derailed Al Raei keep our Maronite church as a mere puppet and satellite revolving in the axis of evil's orbit without mounting a tough and faithful opposition? Are we going to take a staunch stand against him or will we act like sheep and walk silently to the slaughterhouse? The two choices are very clear and distinct: either the slaughterhouse or a free and democratic Lebanon.

In conclusion, we are against Al Raei's political choices both in Lebanon and in neighboring Syria. In Lebanon he sided with Hezbollah's ministate and destructive and deadly arsenal against the Lebanese constitution, the judiciary, the Taef Agreement, the Charter of Human Rights and the UN resolutions related to the ongoing Lebanese crisis. He also adopted Hezbollah's hostile stance against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL). Meanwhile, regionally he is supporting Al Assadís criminal Syrian regime against the Syrian uprising and falsely alleging that this notorious dictatorship is protecting the Christians in the Middle East.

Elias Bejjani*
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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