Peter Kassing's Traumatic Death & Ingratitude
Elias Bejjani
November 17/14

What distinguishes human beings that God created in his image and likeness from other creatures, mainly the animals, are the gracious Godly graces and gifts of sensations, emotions, feelings, intellectual capabilities, the ability to communicate with others, reason, logic, and the distinction between good and evil. Sadly when human beings for any reason lose these graces and gifts or abandon them voluntarily they descend to the level of  animal, and lose their humanity, and become entirely no longer human beings.
In this context all those in some Arabic and African countries who call themselves Jihadists and fundamentalists, being countries, organizations, individuals or groups who are savagely committing bloody, brutal and barbaric atrocities are not human beings, but animals based on all human, scientific, religious and ethical standards.
In the realm of love, empathy, and humanity, Peter Kassig, the young Samaritan American citizen was emotionally touched by the on going tragic suffering and agony of the Syrian people at the hands of the criminal President Bashar al-Assad dictatorship regime,and the brutal Jihadi organizations. Peter motivated by his human passion left his country the USA, family, friends, job and the peaceful -secure life and headed to Syria through Lebanon. As an aid worker Peter endeavored to give a hand to the needed Syrian oppressed people.
What was Peter's reward from those who falsely allege to protect the Syrian people? and how did they portray their gratitude? He was taken by them a hostage and then mercilessly slaughtered and beheaded!!
In reality and actuality, condemning and deploring statements are not any more effective or fruitful due to fact that those so called Jihadi criminals that the statements target are entirely void of any human feelings or traits and completely detached from all that is humanity, faith, fear of God and conscience.
We call on all free world nations, especially the USA, as well as on the Islamic countries, clergy, media, and intellectuals to deal urgently and seriously with this world-wide monstrous and cancerous dilemma.
All Those countries, individuals, groups, institutions and organizations who practice the bloody atrocities or finance, adopt or advocate for them must be made accountable for their acts.
World-Wide, All capabilities, means and resources should be utilized to totally eradicate all sorts of terrorism from all countries especially from numerous unfortunate Arabic and African countries.
We offer our deeply felt condolences for Peter's family and friends praying that Almighty God shall shower on them abundantly all graces of endurance, forgiveness, hope and patience.
We pray that the soul of Peter is peacefully and eternally resting in Paradise where there is no anguish or pain, but happiness and joy.
May Al Mighty God Bless Peter's Soul and all the souls of the Terrorism victims all over the world.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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