A New Prasitic Lebanese Political Christian Gathering
By: Elias Bejjani*

January 08/2012

A bunch of notorious Lebanese Christian politicians met today at the Kesroun Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa Shrine in a bid to lobby for the ailing Syrian dictatorship regime and its bloody butcher Bachar Al Assad, to cover the anti Lebanese and anti-Christian stances adopted by the derailed Maronite Patriarch Bchara Al Raei, and to side with the Terrorist Hezbollah against the State of Lebanon.

These second, third and fourth class with no backbone politicians are remotely controlled by Micheal Smaha, a Lebanese Christian disreputable politician appointed by the Syrian regime to coordinate its media and political activities inside Lebanon and abroad.

Nahernet posted on its web site today the following report: "reported that a group of independent Christian figures on Sunday held a meeting at the Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa to “discuss the national and political affairs and the outcome of the alignments and conflicts in Lebanon, inside and outside state institutes, and in the Arab world,” state-run National News Agency reported. The conferees also discussed “the situations the Christians are going through, especially in the hotspots, and the repercussions of the sudden changes on their freedoms and existence.” The meeting with attended by head of the basilica, Father Khalil Alwan, ex-ministers Elias Saba, Joseph al-Hashem, Suleiman Trabulsi, Karim Pakradouni, Naji al-Bustani, George Qurum, Yacoub Sarraf, Elias Hanna, Jack Jokadrian, ex-MPs Elie al-Ferzli, Jebran Touq, Elias Skaff, Fares Boueiz, Marwan Abu Fadel, George Najem, Pierre Daccash, Abdullah Farhat, Salim Habib, ex-Phalange Party chief Munir al-Hajj, lawyer Rashad Salameh, ambassador Fouad al-Turk, Shadi Masaad, Charles Ghostine, Fouad Abu Nader, Joe Edde, economist Joseph Yachoui, retired Brig. Gen. Michel Karam and Claude Boueiz Kanaan. “Given what Lebanon is going through and the dangerous developments in the region, and the concerns they raise, as (recently) expressed by (Maronite) Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi, especially over the fate of the Christians, we believe, as independents, that we have to shoulder the responsibility of drafting an unchained national plan for the future,” the conferees said in a statement issued after the talks. The plan in question would “tackle the main central issues away from the mentality of alignments, for the sake of a pluralistic civil state and the drafting of a new social contract,” they said. The Christian figures added that they will hold another meeting on January 20 to discuss a paper that is currently being drafted by a specialized committee"

It is worth mentioning that the majority of these politicians were either well known Syrian tools during Syria's occupation of Lebanon, or a sheer horde of opportunists and hunters for personal gains. Some of them were even active members in Christian parties and militias but sold out their loyalty to Lebanon and to he Christian communities to become well exposed trumpets and mouthpieces for the Syrian regime, the Iranian Mullahs and for its militant proxy, Hezbollah.

The estranged Christian politician Michael Aoun, Hezbollah, the Syrian regime, and President Micheal Suleiman, have been exering a great deal of effort to create such a fake and camouflaging political Christian front to act as a Christian umbrella for the derailed Maronite Patriarch Bchara Al Raei whose stances are pro Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, while at the same time anti Lebanon and completely contradicting to the historic Maronite Christen Church political convictions and stances on all levels.

During the passed thirty years the Lebanese political and national arenas have witnessed numerous such mercenary Christian, Muslim and Druze gatherings. All of them without one exception were transient, fully exposed, unproductive and could not camouflage their evil Syrian-Iranian hidden agendas. All of them crumbled quickly, and failed to became history.

In conclusion, There is no doubt that the fate of this mercenary so called Christian gathering is not going to be any different by any way or means

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