Deport Hezbollah's militants and leadership to Iran
By: Elias Bejjani

December 01/11

What should the Lebanese people, the Arab countries, Israel and the free world do with Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist militia and its armed ministate, when the Syrian Assad regime falls? Some ignorant and short-sighted leaders in Lebanon are proposing that the government should buy Hezbollah’s weaponry and recruit most of its mujahedin fighters into the Lebanese army. In fact this is the most stupid, sickening, evil and fatal formula for Lebanon.

In case such a proposal is executed, Hezbollah will simply take over Lebanon, enslave its people and remain a serious threat not only to neighboring Israel and to peace and stability in the Middle East, but a cancerous ongoing threat to each and every Arab country and to the global war against terrorism and terrorists.

The thousands and thousands of Hezbollah's fighters, the mujahedin were physically, psychologically, mentally, militarily, ethically, socially, religiously and dogmatically trained by Iran and turned into Iranian mujahedin that have nothing, completely nothing in common with Lebanon, the Arab countries and the free world.

What all the Lebanese and worldwide strategists and politicians must be aware of is that Hezbollah's leadership and fighters including its General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, have no respect for human dignity, human rights, democracy, freedom, judiciary or even the human mind. Nothing in their thinking and minds is Lebanese or Arabic or human at all because of their extensive Iranian kind of training and breeding. They are all entrapped psychologically in a very sickening mentality that sees no one, respects no one and recognizes no one but the Iranian mullahs' leadership.

Hezbollah's leadership and its mujahedin are totally entrapped in their own world of Iranian denominational fantasies and dogmas. Accordingly, the criteria and standards of what is right and wrong to which they abide, honor and follow are totally set up and shaped by the Iranian mullahs. These anti-democratic and oppressive criteria and standards are continuously manipulated, changed, adjusted and shuffled by the Iranian mullahs to suit their dream of reviving the Persian Empire.

Due to this twisted psychological and radical Islamic religious training and breeding, Hezbollah's leadership is unpredictable and cannot be trusted by any means. They are blood merchants and sadly their merchandise is the people of Lebanon, including their own community members. They do not care who starves or even who dies. They have no actual or permanent allies or friends, only hired and temporary followers and mercenaries, who have been bought with the Iranian petrodollar "Clean Money".

In reality and actuality and based on the scientific and strategic vision and studies of numerous well respected worldwide think tanks, Hezbollah is the most dangerous terrorist militia in the world, much more lethal than even Al Qaeda.

Based on all of the above, the 14th of March Lebanese coalition must not compromise on any basic issue with Hezbollah on the account of Lebanon's constitution, human rights, multiculturalism or the country's ties and relations with the UN, Arab countries, and free world.

Hopefully the leadership of this pro- Lebanon independence, freedom and sovereignty coalition by now has learned from its previous naive, short-sighted and fatal mistakes and miscalculations that ultimately put Hezbollah and its puppet allies in power with full control over the Lebanese government, parliament, presidency and armed forces.

Logic, reason, past experience and facts must teach this coalition not again to come to Hezbollah's rescue when the Syrian regime falls as was the stupid situation in 2006 in the aftermath of the Hezbollah-Israeli war. This coalition obstructed in 2006 the UN General Assembly from Implementing UN Resolution 1701 under chapter seven, leaving Hezbollah to rearm and control the whole country.

When the Syrian Assad regimes falls, Hezbollah's fighters and leadership on all levels must be deported with all their weaponry caches to Iran and never ever integrated into the Lebanese armed forces.
Meanwhile, the Lebanese army itself needs to be shuffled and reconstructed due to the fact that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have turned it into a mere useless and helpless militia that they use and abuse.

The model for dealing with Hezbollah when the Syrian Assad regime falls has been created in 1982 and in 2000.
In 1982 the free world, UN and Israel forced Arafat and his PLO fighters and terrorists to leave Lebanon to Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab countries.
In 2000 Israel took with her the South Lebanese Army Soldiers when it implemented UN Resolution 525 and withdrew unilaterally from South Lebanon.

In conclusion, these two already accomplished examples must be taken into real and serious consideration when the time comes to end Hezbollah as a state inside the state and disarm its militia.

Elias Bejjani*
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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