Attack Iran Today And Not Tomorrow
By: Elias Bejjani

January 21/2012

My new Arabic editorial of today addresses the world-wide Iranian atomic threat in case the Iranian religious rulers did acquire offensive atomic capabilities.

The Israeli Prime Minister believes strongly that Iran must be attacked sooner not later and before it is too late. The USA Obama administration does not see the Iranian atomic danger eye to eye with Israel.

Israeli creditable media reports have been during the last ten days focusing on the great and wide differences between Netanyahu and Obama. The USA administration is demanding strongly that it MUST be informed in advance before any Israeli military attack against Iran while Israeli is declining from any commitment to do so.

Meanwhile High ranking military and political USA and Israeli officials have been exchanging very important visits between the two countries in a bid to reach an agreement on the ways and means needs to contain the Iranian very serious threats.

Apparently the Obama administration is so hesitant and not taking the required measures that would force the Iranian leadership to put a halt on their ongoing efforts to acquire the atomic bomb.

The editorial calls on the Arab countries and in particular the Arabian Gulf states and kingdoms to step forward and start dealing with the Iranian fatal threats more openly and more seriously because once Iran succeeds in having an atomic bomb they all will be its first target.

It also cautions the Western countries not to replicate with Iran their devastating mistakes with Hitler.

The Editorial dwells at the same time on the bizarre Lebanese status quo and stresses the sad fact that the Iranian Terrorist Hezbollah is currently in full control over the Lebanese government, all Lebanon's officials and all the Lebanese institutions including the Military forces.

Hezbollah via terrorism, bribery, corruption, money, sectarianism, embezzlement, and all sorts of intimidation has tamed all the Lebanese communities and marginalized their leadership.

In this context Lebanon's leadership prime problem  lies in their shameful subservience, passiveness and detachment from faith and all that is dignity and self respect.

Almighty God endowed the Lebanese people with a piece of an earthly heaven. Instead of protecting this great heaven that is Lebanon and make it a role model country for peace, democracy, independence, human rights and freedom, Lebanon's rotten leadership destroyed it.

Why we did they commit this fatal sin? Simply because stupidly, blindly and like sheep they are a bunch of evil and corrupted clergymen, politicians and officials.

Meanwhile Countries are not the land, but the citizens. While good and patriotic citizens with their hard work and devotion can build great countries, we know very well that stupid and selfish citizens destroy great countries and wipe them from the map.

Sadly the majority of the Lebanese clergymen, officials and politicians as well many citizens are destroying our beloved Lebanon. This crime is going on because, the people are passive, not taking a stance and acting like slaves.

In conclusion Lebanon will not reclaim itself and be again a great country unless its people go back to faith and start to fear Almighty God in all that they do, say and think.

بالصوت/ضرورة ضرب إيران اليوم قبل يوم غد/الياس بجاني/21 ك2"/12

ضرورة ضرب إيران اليوم قبل يوم غد/الياس بجاني/21 ك2"/12