The Syrian Regime’s Brutality Vs. The Free World's Indifference
By Elias Bejjani

May 30/2012

It is a well-known scientific fact and a proven reality that animals who are carnivorous predators do not hunt and kill their prey unless they are hungry and not because they love to kill or find a pleasure in hunting. These animals do not torture their prey but kill them on the spot within few minutes.

Based on these realities it is a deadly sin and a cowardly encroachment against every and each human value, faith, covenant and principle to say that those armed murderers (the "Shabeha"-Assad's family’s armed thugs, mercenaries, professional murderers and militias) who committed the Houla massacre in Syria last Friday are acting like animals. It is not fair at all and under any given reasons or circumstances to even relate their barbaric and savage acts to animals, or otherwise we would be genuinely and purposely insulting animals.

One can't really imagine or believe that there are still human beings in this 21st century who are actually vampires and Draculas, much, much worse than what was depicted in the 1897 novel, "Count Dracula" by the Irish author, Bram Stoker. Watching this scary and disgusting amateur video will display those real and actual human vampires and Draculas in action. What a shame on the free and civilized world to watch and just do nothing to forcefully topple the Syrian dictatorship and rescue the Syrian people.

Click on the link below, sign in to prove that you are 18 or older and watch (an amateur video) what the whole world is talking about, but just talking and doing nothing except issuing comedic and ineffective denouncement releases as well as toothless and sarcastic sanctions.

Last Friday, 110 Syrian citizens were tortured and mutilated beyond all human imagination and then they were slaughtered like sheep. This barbaric crime took place in Syria's west-central area of Houla on the hands of Al-Assad regime "Shabeha" thugs in cold blood, and with dead conscience, numbed hearts and indescribable brutality.

The victims as per UN observers' reports were 50 children, 35 women and 20 elderly men. This gruesome massacre was denounced rhetorically by the UN General Council and the majority of the countries all over the world including Canada, but sadly nothing yet has been practically done on the ground to stop the Syrian regime from murdering its own people that has been mercilessly continuing on a daily basis for the last 15 months. According to the UN, 13.000 have been killed, 50.000 detained and thousands have disappeared with no knowledge of their fate.

Even the murderers themselves, their bloody leadership and criminal allies (the Syrian regime, Iranian mullahs, the Hezbollah terrorist organization) have issued statements of denouncement stupidly alleging that the Syrian revolutionists, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have committed this horrible crime and not them.

In an evil act of humiliation to the whole world, the Al-Assad dictatorial regime with extreme insolence and audacity has announced that it is has started a massive investigation campaign and that all those accountable for the crime will be put on trial to dearly pay for their atrocities.

Meanwhile, special UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan visited Syria on Monday and met with its criminal leadership, but there was nothing he could do except count the victims, uttering empty warnings and engaging in fruitless, Babylonian and endless talks. The same inept stance also applies to the Arab League and to all the Arab countries, as well as to neighboring Turkey which has loudly voiced many threats but never yet put any of them into action.

It is worth mentioning that the brutal Syrian regime has been in power for the last 42 years with the help, support and financing of the Western world, Iran, Arab countries and Russia. It was allowed to freely occupy neighboring Lebanon for 30 years and to slaughter its people, force them to leave their country, and destroy all its institutions. It was the Syrian regime that helped Iran to form the terrorist Hezbollah armed Shiite militia and to erect its ministate. It was also the Syrian regime turned the 17 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon into ministates. Meanwhile, the majority of worldwide terrorist groups, fundamentalist Salafists and Islamists were hatched, trained, used and exported by the notorious Stalinist and Nazi Syrian Secret Intelligence bodies.

It is time for the UN, Free World and Arab countries to speak about "force" and military intervention, the only language that Al-Assad and his thugs will understand and respond to. Force MUST be utilized sooner and not later to topple the brutal Syrian regime and rescue the victimized Syrian people as was the situation with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter who is going to rule Syria after the Al -Assad era is over because in reality nothing could be worse than this Stone Age dictatorship.

In conclusion, there will be no peace in the Middle East and a reasonable and acceptable long-lasting solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict unless the Syrian butchering regime is toppled, as well as all the other dictatorships in the region which survive on hostility, enmity, hatred and fanaticism

*Elias Bejjani
*Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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