Iran Tells the World Mere lies, Not what its actual vicious plans are
Elias Bejjani

March 01/14

Another and more dangerous Hitlerism military phenomenon is emerging in Iran, while the USA Obama administration, Europe and many other countries are burying their head in the sand and directly or indirectly helping in the emergence of this scary and ruthless monster.

Sadly history is repeating itself with the same fatal European-Hitler Scenario, and if lessons from world War two are not grasped and learned, the whole world and not only the Middle East will be facing extremely serious and actual Iranian threats, and possible military invasions.

These Iranian potential dangers will include Israel, all the Arab countries, Turkey and all of Europe too. There is no doubt that once the Iranian Mullahs' dictatorship regime puts its criminal and bloody hands on an atomic bomb he will use it.

If the Western world countries specifically keeps on cajoling and appeasing the Iranian aggressive and hostile regime the dire consequences will hit the whole civilized world.
Below is a report that exhibits one of the most dangerous blinding camouflaging tactics that the Iranian regime is resorting to in a bid to keep those countries who are closing their eyes on its expansionism and hostile nature relaxed and comatosed.

Who can buy Iran's rhetoric of ethical principles when it is militarily, financially and by all other means strongly supporting the most brutal and criminal regime in the world, the Syrian Assad regime. The Syrian regime with the full help of Iran and its proxy Shiite Lebanese and Iraqi militant Militia proxies has massacred in the last three years almost 300 thousand innocent citizens of his own people, mostly women, children and elderly!!

Iran's president Rouhani as the below report tells is assuring the world that his country and for ethical principles ca not pursue nukes!!

What a lie? Does he really think with his sick mind that the world will buy his alleged fake claims!!

What are those ethical principles that the Iranian regime honors and practices when it has been killing its own people, and brutally oppressing them.

What are those ethical principles that the Iranian regime honors and practices when it fully runs and controls the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the whole world!!

What are those ethical principles that the Iranian regime honors and practices when it keeps on by force, religious denominational and military means destabilizing the peace stability in all the Middle East countries from Yemen to Lebanon.

Logic and reason necessitate that the Free world countries with all the Arab regimes are seriously required to deal with the Iranian cancerous regime in a completely different strategy from the current and ongoing one that has totally failed and made the Iranian rulers more bold and more aggressive.


Rouhani: 'Ethical principles' stop Iran from pursuing nukes

Reuters Published: 03.01.14, 10:04 / Ynetnews
Islamic republic's president says if his country wanted WMDs, it would make chemical, biological weapons. Iran's president says the Islamic republic rejects the manufacture of nuclear weapons out of principle, not because it is prevented so by treaties. Hassan Rouhani also said that, had Iran wanted weapons of mass destruction, it would be easier for it to make chemical or biological weapons. He made the comments Saturday while addressing Iran's Defense Ministry officials. Rouhani said that Iran's "beliefs" and commitment to "ethical principles" prevent it from making a bomb. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already issued a religious decree banning the production and use of nuclear weapons. He says having such arms is a sin. The US and its allies fear that Iran seeks to develop the ability to make a nuclear weapon, should it want one. Iran denies the charge. Earlier in the week, a Reuters report revealed that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had shelved a major report on Iran that might have revealed more of its alleged bomb-relevant research, but held off because of the warming relations between Iran and the West. On Friday, Israel urged the UN nuclear watchdog agency to go public with all information it has regarding suspicions that Iran researched how to build an atomic bomb. "The role of the IAEA is to expose to the international community all information regarding military aspects of the Iranian nuclear project, and not to withhold it for reasons of diplomatic sensitivity," Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a statement.

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