Harper's Courageous Anti-Ahmadinejad Stance
By: Elias Bejjani*

September 24/09

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proved once again that he is a great leader and that his dedication to worldwide peace and the fight against terrorists and terrorism in all its forms is genuine and committed.

Sincere thanks are offered to Mr. Stephen Harper from the Lebanese Canadian Coordination Council (LCCC) and all the members of the Canadian Lebanese community throughout Canada who fully share the Council's objectives, principles, love for peace and freedom, respect for democracy and the rule of law, and their commitment to human rights, tolerance, diversity and the acceptance of others.

Thanks for letting Mr. Ahmadinejad know what Canadians think about his inhuman and anti-peace rhetoric.

Iran's dictator, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, definitely does not deserve the ears of the world with his fanaticism, paranoia, so-called divine policies, pompousness, mad ravings, empty threats and evil advocacy for suicide, hatred and killing.

Well, the UN gives freedom to all world leaders to deliver their speeches and express their ideas, but at the same time it does not actually force any country's delegation to listen to leaders' speeches which they sense as a threat to peace, human rights and worldwide ethical codes and order.

Prime Minister Harper has taken the right decision to boycott Ahmadinejad's speech to the UN General Assembly. This deluded and fanatical man has said and done things that are absolutely repugnant, brutal, disgraceful and totally unacceptable. Accordingly it is improper that somebody like him should not be given any legitimacy to parrot his speech full of madness to the UN General Assembly.

This defiant man does not abide by any articles of the UN Charter of Human Rights, oppresses, persecutes, intimidates, kills and tortures his own people. Meanwhile he is challenging the whole free world and continuing with Iran's endeavors to develop nuclear weapons.

One can imagine what this lunatic leader would do once he gets his hands on nuclear weapons. There is no doubt that initially he would not hesitate for a moment to use these weapons of mass destruction in invading and occupying Iran's neighboring countries, and once he possesses long range missiles the whole world will be in real danger.
Ahmadinejad is currently a small Hitler in each and every aspect; the free world has an obligation to see that he does not grow to be another actual Hitler. All available ways and means MUST be used to stop this man from turning Iran into another Nazi power.

Because of Ahmadinejad's Iranian mullah's regime’s evil interference in Lebanon, the country and its people are severely suffering on a daily basis. Hezbollah, Iran's armed militia, has taken Lebanon and its people hostage and is hindering all efforts to reclaim independence, freedom, peace and democracy. Iran has turned Lebanon into an arena and battlefield for its wars not only against the Arab countries, Israel and the West, but sadly against the Lebanese people themselves.

As a Canadian - Lebanese, I fully sympathize with my people back home in Lebanon and hail their endurance and courage. Ahmadinejad's Iranian regime is behind all Lebanon's agony and turmoil. Hezbollah is devouring Lebanon piece by piece and if the Western world does not come to the rescue of the Lebanese people, Lebanon will very soon be lost as an independent and free country and transformed into an Iranian satellite state.

Meanwhile, let those who criticized Mr. Harper's stance know that Hezbollah is not a Lebanese party by any criteria, but rather an Iranian army in Lebanon. Its decision-making process, financing, ideology, training, supplies and weapons all come from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ headquarters and leadership. It has been well documented by several informed sources that Iran annually pays Hezbollah billions of dollars. This group was founded in Lebanon by the Iranian mullahs in 1982 and it is worth mentioning that Hezbollah's main mission was and still is to export, advocate and spread the Khomeini’s religious ideology to all Middle Eastern countries and cause chaos all over the world.

Hezbollah's Iranian mission has never been a secret and each and every Lebanese person is reminded of this Iranian agenda daily with posters and billboards of Hezbollah’s divinity on every street.

Many thanks to Mr. Harper's integrity, courage, moral responsibility, devotion, commitment and transparent stance against terrorism and terrorists.

From day one in office our Prime Minister has fulfilled all his promises with regard to the global war on terrorism and continues to practice what he preaches.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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