Lebanon's New Government: A Bunch of Mercenaries and Terrorists
By: Elias Bejjani*

June 15/2011

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the official rulers of occupied Lebanon are now a gang of criminals and Syria's and Iran's subservient Trojans, proxies, mercenaries, opportunists and armed militias, including the notorious terrorist and fundamentalist, Hezbollah, as well as the Baathist Syrian Party, the Shiite Amal Movement, the Nazi Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and the derailed Christian narcissist, Michael Aoun,

This Lebanese national disaster is by all means a reality now that will definitely have dire and scary consequences not only on the oppressed Lebanese people's everyday life, but also on the whole Middle Eastís future, the Arab-Israeli peace process, the global war against terrorism and world stability.

Unfortunately, at a time when the Western Free World countries and the selfish Arab dictatorial governments are still naively cajoling and appeasing Syria's butcher, president Bachar Al Assad and deluding themselves that he is a potential reformer, and while watching him idly and carelessly massacring his own people, and when boldly and aggressively the Iranian mullah's fanatical and bellicose regime is getting much closer to having its own nuclear bomb, during all this, Lebanon fell completely into the hands of terrorists, and the will of the majority of her people has been forced into a very dangerous alliance with the Axis of Evil countries, their proxies and armed militias.

On Monday June 14, 2011, our beloved country of the Cedars was completely devoured by Syria and Iran who through their Lebanese thugs and proxies rose to a position of unprecedented dominance after forcing on the peaceful Lebanese people a new government that has nothing at all to do with Lebanon. It is an Iranian and Syrian one that will be solely run and controlled by both Axis of Evil countries.

Lebanon's Syrian handpicked prime minister, billionaire Najib Mikati, announced his new cabinet after a five month period of Syrian -and Iranian-dictated procrastinations, around the clock fake media plays, fabricated rumors, gossip and maneuvers. The timing of the government formation, members, portfolios and announcement came on the request of Syria's President Bachar Al Assad in a desperate endeavor to save his regime from being ousted and toppled after an ongoing and escalating four month angry public Syrian uprising.

The Druze Lebanese Leader, MP, Walid Jumblat, out of fear, intimidation, selfishness, cowardice and lack of nationalism, had abandoned the 14th March Majority coalition and joined the Hezbollah-dominated parliamentary block. He was summoned last week to Damascus where he met President Al Assad and received from him the instructions for forming the Lebanese government. Two days later the government was announced as per Al Assad's orders.

Lebanon's Christian President, Michel Suleiman, who owes his position to Syria, did not abide by the country's constitution or by the unsigned national accords and agreements that necessitates the participation of all Lebanese communities in cabinets. He issued the presidential decree for the announcement of the new government without any attempt to exercise his constitutional role. Suleiman once again proved with no shed of a doubt that he has no backbone and that his subservience to Syria is not going to be changed. According to the Lebanese constitution the government needs the president's approval to be official.

Simply and without any fake hopes or delusions, all the thirty politicians, academics and leaders who were named ministers in the new Lebanese government were, still are, and will remain submissive Syrian - Iranian robots, cheap tools and chips under the command of the Axis of Evil. How could they govern and lead when they are mere puppets and mercenaries? Sadly, Lebanon during its 7,000 years of deeply rooted history has never been put in such a difficult position even through the 450 years of barbaric Ottoman occupation.

It is worth mentioning that the new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, is a mere Syrian-made politician who has very close and intimate financial relations with the Al Assad family. Since his day one in politics Mikati has been and still is revolving in the Al Assad orbit. He can't but be an obedient and submissive student for his teachers, the Al Assad clan. Accordingly, he is a Syrian employee and not a Lebanese Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, it is very important to point out that the Christian MP, Michael Aoun, who stupidly is bragging and alleging a victory over other Lebanese Christian politicians and parties, is a mere opportunist. Aoun - for personal gain and due to crazy ambitions, greed, a sickening complex of hatred and grudges, grandiose delusions and lack of insight - in 2006 had abandoned his conviction to the historical Maronite Christian and Lebanese independence and sovereignty and joined Hezbollah. This Trojan acrobat is a narcissist and an opportunist par excellence. Definitely, he does not represent the Maronites' pride, faith, dignity, aspirations, hopes, pain and history.

The new Lebanese government, according to its overt and covert Syrian - Iranian schematic, terrorist and expansionism agenda, will attempt to:

*Sever all Lebanese ties with the Special Tribunal For Lebanon (STL). The tribunal is expected to indict prominent Hezbollah and Syrian officials very soon on charges of assassinating Lebanon's late Prime Minister Raffic Al Hariri and other Lebanese leaders, politicians and journalists.

*Marginalize and abandon all UN resolutions related to Lebanon's independence, territorial sovereignty and the Lebanese state's authority, especially resolutions 1559 and 1701 that call for immediate and unconditional dismantling and disarming of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias, including the terrorist Hezbollah and all the Palestinian armed factions stationed in 13 refugee camps over which the Lebanese government has no authority whatsoever.

*Support the Syrian regime against its own people and on the regional and international arenas, including the UN and its Security Council.

*Fill all the Lebanese governmental positions including the military with pro-Syrian and -Iranian officials.

*Reinforce on Lebanon all the biased accords that Syria imposed on the country during its occupation period that ended in 2005, especially the military and defense ones.

* Keep on using Lebanon as an arena and backyard for the Iranian and Syrian wars, schemes and terrorism.

* Change Lebanon's peaceful, democratic and free multicultural society, and her open, tolerant, educated and civilized nature, and replace them by an oppressive militant dictatorial regime, a replicate of those in both Syria and Iran.

* Assassinate, imprison and muffle all opponents to the Syrian-Iranian dominance and occupation.

* Obstruct and hinder all regional and international efforts for peacefully ending the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In conclusion, the free people of Lebanon have been forced into a very bizarre, awkward and satanic situation in which their only remaining choice is to stand tall like their Holy Cedars, refuse to succumb, bravely resist, and defend themselves as they have successfully done for the last 7,000 years. Yes, the Syrian Baathist regime will fall very soon and the Iranian and Syrian schemes against the Country of the Cedars will be defeated by the Lebanese people, no matter what the sacrifices will have to be made.

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*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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