The Lebanese Presidency: Marginalization and Dhimmitude
Elias Bejjani

July 16/11

In my new Arabic editorial that was published earlier this week the main focus was on the heretical and non- Lebanese practices of the last three Lebanese Maronite Presidents, Elias Hrawi, Emile Lahoud, and Michael Suleiman. The three have been as foreign to the true spirit of the Lebanese and Maronites as the oppressive and criminal Syrian regime which put them in power to serve its interests and schemes

The Lebanese in general, and the Maronites in particular, feel that the role of the presidency post in their beloved has been not only marginalized, but humiliated, belittled, hijacked, enslaved and emptied of its context in the symbols of Lebanon’s national unity.

Meanwhile the three presidents who were appointed by the Syrian Dictatorship’s Baathist regime against the will of the majority of the Lebanese people since 1990 have been nothing but puppets. Mere mercenaries for Syria and Iran with no backbone or any kind of decency. They did not represent us, the Free Lebanese, in any manner or way. In reality they were alien from everything that is Lebanese.

These Presidents have proved through the past twenty-one years that in their hearts, minds and consciousnesses they were neither Lebanese nor Maronites. They knew nothing about Lebanon's great history and identity, or its great peoples' love for peace, freedom and independence.

The most sickening and disgusting phenomena that the three presidents shared was that they did not honour the sacrifices of Lebanon's great martyrs and had no respect for law, dignity, order, human rights, national commitments, or international obligations.

The sad and disappointing reality that the whole world must be aware of lies in the bare fact that Lebanon currently is an occupied country by all standards. All its officials, including the Maronite President, the Sunni Prime Minister and the entire new government headed by Najib Mikati and without exception are Syrian or Iranian puppets. These politicians and officials have no role in any matter, internal or external, when it comes to decision making.

Based on this worrying fact, all acts adopted and stances declared by the Lebanese current government at all levels does not represent the will of the majority of the free and peace-loving Lebanese. Simply and without any cosmetics Lebanon is a country occupied by Syria, Iran and their Lebanese armed proxies headed by the Terrorist Iranian Hezbollah militia.

This very heartbreaking reality has been inflicted on Lebanon by Syria, Iran and their Lebanese armed proxies and local mercenaries. But heretical and evil eras like the one Lebanon is suffering from today cannot overturn 7000 years of deeply rooted Lebanese history. In the end, as always, Lebanon emerges from the dust like the phoenix to be victorious over all of its enemies.

The sacred and blessed land of Lebanon needs presidents, officials, politicians and leaders who have solid faith and strong will to stand tall like its holy cedars. Lebanon cannot and will not accept dhimmitude and opportunistic presidents like the three ones appointed by the Syrian regime.

The Lebanese always cling to their strong and solid faith, and always have been able to regain their country and freedom. We strongly believe that whenever life's burdens oppress us and trials seem too much to face, we have to remember God's strength in our weakness, and He'll give us His power and grace. For God gives enough grace for whatever hardships we face, when we hold on to our faith and confidence in Him…”

In conclusion, we, the free Lebanese both at home and in the Diaspora, have a holy obligation to hold dear to our faith and hope. We must witness for the truth and never succumb to occupation or its local collaborators. By God's will the light of liberation shall rise over the skies of our beloved Lebanon, and once again love , tranquility, stability and peace shall prevail.

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