Patriarch Al Raei is an active Partner in the Scheme of stealing Christian Land in Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani

September 21/12

What a shame and what an evil conduct. Our Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Bchara Al Raei is apparently worshiping power and earthly materials. He is not only keeping a blind eye on Hezbollah's scheme to confiscate the Lebanese Christian land (real estate properties) all over Lebanon via mere terrorism and petro dollar temptations and tactics.

No not only that, but he is personally playing a very active role in this Iranian Mullahs' expansionism scheme. The latest scandal in this evil realm was aired on the MTV yesterday. The Lebanese/Arabic report aired confirmed with solid proves and live statements by local witnesses that Al Raei is renting Maronite Church pieces of land with very low fees to a very suspicious thug of merciless merchants and pro Hezbollah groups in the heart of the Lebanese Christian area of Kesrwan, and specifically in Al Gynieh mountainous Al Jerd Maronite town.

According to the report, the towns' residents, municipality officials and dignitaries are seriously planning to abort this scheme by all means . The report exposed Al Rae's vicious and anti Christian role.

We, Strongly believe that the Lebanese Maronites in both Lebanon and Diaspora are urgently and immediately required to take this bold and very scary atrocity to the Pope and to the Eastern Vatican Council before it is too late because it direly threatens their own entity, existence, history and future.

This man, Al Raei is currently in India for a one week tour, although no Maronites or Maronite congregations do exist in this country.  He must be stopped and immediately and the renting contracts be revoked.

It is time to say no, a big and loud no for all the derailed activities, stances, coalitions, conducts and insults that our Maronite Patriarch, Al Raei is committing. His acts are open insults to all our Martyrs and to the essence and core of our holy and blessed Lebanon, the unique and distinctive country. The peace and coexistence message and  the role model to the whole word.

Say no and say it loudly with no fear or compromises before Lebanon is Iranized. Definitely history will not have mercy on all those Lebanese who do not take the right stances in the right time and right manner. History's bin will be waiting for all those who keep a blind eye on this existential threat.

God and Virgin Merry safeguard Lebanon from the all the mercenaries and the temple merchants.

Click on the below Lebanese- Arabic links to watch and listen to what actually is going on


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My Arabic editorial addresing this atrocity Audio and text



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