Israel Is Not the Enemy, But the Syrian and Iranian Axis Of Evil Regimes are
By: Elias Bejjani

October 28/11

My new Arabic editorial (text/Audio) carries the title: "Israel Is Not the Enemy, But the Syrian and Iranian Axis Of Evil Regimes are". It  focuses with complete openness and transparency on "Israel The Enemy" tag and dissects it to differentiate with solid facts reality from fantasy and truth from lies. In actual reality this tag is bogus, demagogue, deceptive and fantasizing

Sadly its misleading rhetoric has been used and abused for the last sixty years as a camouflaging and evil self destructive means by numerous Arab countries, Iran and terrorist organizations. All of those who carried this tag, countries and organization, did so to justify their dictatorships, and the oppression, persecution, impoverishing and killing of their own people.

  That was the situation with Kaddafi of Libya, Nasser of Egypt, the two Assads of Syria, Iranian Mullahs, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. Day after day allas facts, setbacks, loses, disasters and corruption show that these so called heroes of "Resistance and Liberation" are mere cheap and mean merchants that have no conscience, patriotism, credibility, faith or any respect for their own people, or human dignity.

Lebanon and its people have suffered the most from this big lie and heresy and still are. Since the early seventies most of the Arab rulers and Iran turned Lebanon by force, terrorism and crime, and against the will of the majority of its people into an arena and backyard for absurd wars against Israel.

The PLO destroyed Lebanon and instigated a civil war in the seventies and eighties, and now Hezbollah, the Iranian armed terrorist militant organization is taking the country and its people a hostage under the same pretext of fighting Israel, "the enemy".

Loudly we say, Israel is not the actual enemy but both the Syrian and Iranian regimes with their Lebanese and Palestinian terrorist armed proxies. It is time for all the Lebanese as well as for the Arab people to wake up and start dealing seriously with their two aggressive and dictatorship enemies, the Syrian and Iranian regimes