Statement: Axis of Evil; Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, are behind all terrorist operations all over the world
By: Elias Bejjani

April 23/13

In reality, the majority of the global terrorist organizations and parties that hide behind Islamic fanatic names such as al-Qaeda, Jund Al Islam, Fateh Al Islam, and many other alike criminal groups are a byproduct of the Axis Of Evil; the Syrian and Iranian intelligence vicious institutions.

By now this evil reality is well globally grasped and absorbed by all those concerned officials, politicians, Human Rights' advocates, thinking tangs, intelligence institutions, and intellectuals in each and every country, especially in the Western  Free World, and the Arab regimes.

Sadly, Lebanon is the number one world wide country that has been and still is suffering from the Axis Of Evil horrible criminal atrocities, acts of terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, chaos and expansionism schemes.

This Axis of Evil fully controls Lebanon, occupies and confiscates its decision making process via Iran's terrorist armed brigade, Hezbollah, while the whole world is practically watching from a distance, doing nothing except periodic useless and futile repetitive rhetoric statements of condemnation.

In our capacity as Canadian-Lebanese human Rights' advocates, we strongly condemn the vicious and mean conspiracy that was planned by a group of terrorists in a bid to target our beloved country Canada. We hail and thanks the Canadian and American security cooperation that thwarted the plot and put an end to it by arresting the terrorists.

What must be clear to each and every country in the world, that none of them, no matter how mighty they might be are safe from the deadly effects  and expansionism of the global terrorism that the Axis of Evil produces and exports.

Meanwhile those countries who hide behind tags of neutralism should know that the terrorists do not honor such ineffective stances, and in fact they comprehend it in their sick minds as submission, weakness and cowardice.

In conclusion, all global efforts to fight terrorism and its masterminds needs to strongly focus on the Axis Of evil, the Syrian and Iranian regimes. All other combat strategies do not treat the fatal disease, but only sooth and temporarily deal with the symptoms.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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