Topple Syria's Hitler, Save the Syrian People
By: Elias Bejjani
September 09/13

Proverbs 03/27-28: "Donít withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it. Donít say to your neighbor, ďGo, and come again; tomorrow I will give it to you,Ē when you have it by you".

It is true that Cancer is a fatal disease that kills people, But in reality and actuality what is more fatal and more dangerous than Cancer is stupidity. While cancer kills the body, stupidity kills the intelligence of people, blinds their discretion, and makes them mere corpses breathing and walking with soul or heart. Meanwhile science might hopefully will find a cure for cancer, but no one can cure stupidity or even thing of finding a remedy for this evil ailment.

Sadly most of the politicians, officials and clergymen in Lebanon, Syrian and in many Arab countries are stupid and detached from reality because they do not respect the intelligence of their people, do not care about their safety, dignity or future and viciously try to fill up their heads with false victories, imaginary military powers, education hostility, isolation  fanaticism and hatred.

Wrong, Wrong, we loudly say to all those in the Western countries who are deceived by the vicious misleading propaganda that al-Assad is venomously spreading all over. In reality al-Assad is not a minority protector at all. He is a butcher, a criminal and a little Hitler. The Christians in Syria as well as all other minorities are treated badly, deprived of all their basic human rights, and taken hostages like the rest of the Syrian people. Human rights are not honored in Syria under the al-Assad dictatorship.

Christians as well as other minorities in Syria are all enslaved, oppressed, taken hostage and deprived of any actual political role, freedom and democracy. In this brutal and enslaving context, the Christian church leaders as well as other high ranking religious clergymen are picked up by al-Assad intelligence and even sermons in every church are in general dictated by them.

Considering the Christians in Lebanon, the Ottoman Turks did not harm us as much in the 430 years of their wicked and savage occupation of our country compared with what the al-Assad regime did and is still doing. It is all propaganda, lies and fabrications that the al-Assad regime is protecting the Lebanese Christians.

The Syrian regime is not only oppressing and murdering its own people, destabilizing neighboring countries, especially Lebanon, but it is the main obstacle for peace in the Middle East between the Arab world and Israel.

The al-Assad regime is behind all local, regional and international terrorists, fundamentalists, and Salafists. Ninety-nine percent of all these groups were hatched by Syrian intelligence. Meanwhile, even many of the Al Qaeda sub groups were founded, financed, armed and used by the al-Assad regime.

In summary, this regime is even worse than Hitlerís regime in Nazi Germany. I believe strongly that the Western Free World and Arab countries have moral, humanitarian and ethical obligations to topple this regime as soon as possible and by necessary force.

Hitler tried to occupy the whole world and his brutal wars were forced on Europe and the USA. The same evil scenario applies to Syria and Iran which are working hard to spread havoc, destabilize peace worldwide and to possess a nuclear weapon (Iran is almost there) to attack other countries, including Israel and the Arabian Gulf countries. The magnitude of the serious threat is the same. There is no difference between Hitler and the Axis of Evil (Syria, Iran and Hezbollah).

If the concept of not assisting oppressed people in other countries was applied, Hitler would now have been ruling the whole world and slavery would not have been defeated. It is an obligation to help oppressed people and to put an end to regimes like that of Hitler and little Hitler, al-Assad. Meanwhile, many terrorist groups that wage attacks against Western communities were founded by al-Assad regime.

In conclusion, if we in the Free World countries abstain from stopping rulers like al-Assad they will attack us similar to the horrific crime of the 11th of September that hit the USA. There is no choice, either we wait till they attack us or we take action and stop them before.

People in Western countries who donít know enough about the Middle East in particular ought to avoid taking stances and judgments on the Middle East countriesí internal crisis, oppression, poverty, revolutions etc., in accordance to Western standards and Western mentality and code of ethics.

Religiously, legally and ethically, those who commit crimes and idle observers are full partners with those criminals. We are not calling for wanton invasions of other countries, but the necessity of toppling evil regimes like that of al-Assad and preventing its forces from attacking and killing its own people and from spreading terrorism in other countries.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator

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