Michael Aoun's Evil Blindness Is His Own Choice
By Elias Bejjani

November 22, 2012

Sadly, the Lebanese, Maronite Christian MP, Micheal Aoun, the Syrian-Iranian puppet and the notorious derailed Trojan horse politician has become totally electively blind, not only in his physical vision, but also in his mind, heart and conscience. This politically selfish merchant declared boldly and without any kind of shame or self-respect that there are no outlaw zones (security zones) in Lebanon.

"Aoun: There are border regions that don't enjoy sovereignty. There are no security zones and those who committed violations on the airport road were arrested and put in jail,” he noted. (Naharnet, November 20/12)

He is so psychologically blind that he no longer sees the Hezbollah mini-state, the Palestinians, Ahmad Jebriel's Syrian military camps in Nahme, Helwa, Kousaya, Kfarzabed, Yanta, Dair Al Ghazal and Sultan Yacoub, or the 12 Palestinian armed camps, or even the Ali Eid's mini- al-Assad Baathist armed state in Tripoli (North Lebanon) among many others spread all over occupied Lebanon.

Yes, Lebanon is occupied because the country is not independent or free under any given rational criteria or laws due to the fact that the Axis of Evil Syrian and Iranian armed terrorists fully control its decision making process and entirely run all its governmental institutions, including its armed forces, cabinet and judiciary.

Aoun is blind by choice to an extent that he is not any more mentally oriented to be capable of recognizing in his very sick and opportunist mind that all these outlaw areas are not under legitimate Lebanese control or authority. Aoun really needs to see a psychiatrist, because his blindness is selective and physical.

The national Lebanese dilemma is no longer linked to this man who is ready to sell and trade anything for his own personal gain, but in the subservient mentality of many Lebanese Christians who follow Aoun wherever he goes and support him in any rhetoric or policies that he decides on no matter what the consequences are deluded.

Unfortunately Aoun has poisoned and corrupted the minds of his supporters and killed in them all critical abilities, discretion and initiatives. They follow him blindly and think that he knows everything and is superior in his vision and future prospects to theirs.

One might ask why all these Lebanese Christian citizens from all walks of life still see in Aoun a redeemer in spite of all his chameleon, pro-Axis of Evil rhetoric, crystal clear anti-Lebanese stances, narcissism and demagoguery?

The disappointing answer lies in the fact that all the other Christian leaders and parties, including the Maronite Patriarch, Bchara Al Raei, are worse than Aoun in all domains and are not seen by the majority of the Lebanese Christians as genuine patriotic substitutes. In reality, the shameful political records of these anti-Aoun politicians are so blemished and even considerably more rotten than those of Aoun.

It is very obvious that that the Lebanese in general, and the Lebanese Christians in particular need to produce new leadership to replace those who have failed in accordance with all national and ethical standards. The current bunch of Lebanese politicians from all denominations and ideologies have seriously failed to represent the Lebanese ambitions, address their fears and to propose solid plans to tackle the country’s hardships and problems.

It is worth mentioning that due to the devastating war in Gaza and because of Hezbollah's occupation of all Lebanon, an open conflict could be replicated between Israel and Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist proxy organization, at any time.

In the same context one wonders about what is keeping the European countries from putting Hezbollah on their terrorist lists. This European stance has to be decided ASAP to join ongoing  global anti terrorism efforts spearheaded by the USA, Canada and Australia. The same applies to all the Arabic countries where Hezbollah is acting as an Iranian armed proxy to destabilize their peace and instigate chaos especially that many of these countries are now seeing in Iran as the actual existential threat and not Israel.

Meanwhile, Lebanon will not regain its independence, sovereignty, peace, stability and freedom before forging a fair and long-lasting peace accord with Israel as was the situation with Jordan and Egypt. Such an accord will put an end to the ongoing schemes of those fanatical Arabists, terrorists, jihadists and others who have been using Lebanon since the early seventies, against the will of the majority of its people, as a terrorist battle field to wage camouflaged and deceitful wars against Israel. These terrorists, the PLO, and the Arabists between 1975 till 1982 and the Iranian Hezbollah Shiite militia since then are the actual Lebanese problem.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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