Aoun, Al Raei & their supporters are occupied with Samir Geagea's Ghost
By: Elias Bejjani*


Enough stupidity and hatred in Lebanon and for all those who are politically inclined from all walks of life, and especially the Maronite Christians.

He who does not like Dr. Samir  Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces party or his political choices or alliances let him compete with him democratically, peacefully, politically, patriotically, nationally and form a *Bachirist  genuine Lebanese party that is pure Lebanese and not to stupidly join Hezbollah and the Axis of Evil as did  MP, *Micheal Aoun and the *Maronite Patriarch Buchara  Al Raei.

Geagea is not our cause, and he is not Lebanon. But a servant to this cause and he is honestly doing all his obligations very well no matter if on personal basis we like him or not. Sadly those Aounits and those who are defending *Patriarch Buchara Al Raei's Axis of Evil stances and rhetoric have no cause, but are overwhelmed with hating Geagea because of inferiority complexes and unintelligently on the basis of negativism doing just the opposite for what ever he does or says.

Lebanon will go on to exist and survive after Geagea and after every body else. What we need as Lebanese is awareness not hatred and grudges. Aoun and Al Raei are not serving our cause but motivated by hatred and grudges and sadly their disease became infectious.

Their all focus is on the ghost Geagea as they envisage him Enough stupidity and confusion before it is too late and before we lose Lebanon to the Iranian Mullahs who already occupy the country and control its decision making process through their terrorist army, Hezbollah.

* Bachirists are the followers of Bachir Gemayel, who is a Maronite Martyr and elected president. He was elected president in 1982, but did not assume his responsibilities because the Axis of Evil forces assassinated him few weeks after his election.Bachir Gemayel (Arabic: Bashīr al-Ghimayal, also Romanized al-Jumayyil, El Gemaiel, Joomayyeel; 10 November 1947 14 September 1982) was a Lebanese politician, militia commander, and president-elect. He was a senior member of the Phalange party and the commander of the Lebanese Forces militia amid the first several years of the Lebanese Civil War (197590). He was elected president on 23 August 1982 while the country was torn by civil war and occupied by both Israel and Syria. He was assassinated on 14 September 1982, along with 26 others, when a bomb exploded in the Beirut headquarters of the Phalange. The bomb was planted by Habib Tanious Shartouni.The FBI blamed the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

*Patriarch Buchara Al Raei, Is the Maronite Patriarch and was elected almost two years ago. He openly deviated from all the Maronite national and Lebanese convictions and sided with the Axis of Evil.

*Michael Aoun is a Maronite MP and an ex Army chief,. He gained his popularity through his anti the Axis of Evil policies, but after his return to Lebanon in 2005 from his French exile. negated all his stances and became a mouthpiece and puppet

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator

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