Iran and Syria orchestrated the terrorist attacks on southern Israel
By: Elias Bejjan

August 19/2011

It is well known to all Middle East analysts and specialists as well as to Western and Arab countries that the majority of the terrorist and jihadist organizations all over the world, including al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas, are mere military tools and proxies that are found, financed, used, sponsored and fully controlled by rogue and dictatorial regimes, especially the two notorious regimes of Syria and Iran.

In this context, the bloody terrorist attacks that took place in southern Israel on Thursday August 18/11 need to be dealt with as mere Syrian and Iranian criminal and war acts. Accordingly, both countries' leadership must be held fully accountable for all the human loses and damages.

Debkafile's website’s military sources in a detailed report on the attacks (18.08.11) estimated that Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah experts may have aided the terrorists in setting up the complex operation.

The Syrian regime intended the attacks to detract the Arabic and global political pressures that President al-Assad is facing because of his ongoing criminal atrocities against the peaceful Syrian public uprising that has been escalating for the last five months and is seriously threatening to topple his regime.

In the same realm, Iran which also is encountering immense internal and worldwide setbacks and problems did not dare to ask its militant proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, to attack Israel as al-Assad has been requesting because of the very serious Israeli warnings. Israel has made it very clear that her army will respond with extreme military harshness to any stupid Hezbollah attacks and stressed the fact that its response will include Syria itself.

Meanwhile, putting an end to such crimes necessitates a solid, united and crystal clear worldwide approach towards both the Syrian and Iranian axis of evil regimes. Sadly, the Western countries and all the Arab states are still indecisive on this matter, especially the Obama administration that against all odds is still appeasing and cajoling the criminal rulers of both countries. It took President Obama five months to finally call on Syria's Dictator Bashar al-Assad to step down, but at the same time stressing the fact that his administration doesn’t have the means to force al-Assad to do so.

One cannot rationally dissociate Syria and Iran from terrorism all over the world. Both countries provide a safe haven for a myriad of terrorist organizations, (Hezbollah, Hamas and many others), direct their operations, and use Hezbollah's and the Palestinians' ministates in Lebanon as their main field of recruiting, training and operations.

Like the Mafia which uses money, crime, fear, intimidation, and violence as instruments of pressure to buy silence from otherwise good and honorable people, the Syrian and Iranian regimes use their proxy terrorist organizations (Hamas, Hezbollah and new versions of al-Qaeda) as instruments of pressure on their neighboring countries and as bargaining tools in their foreign policy strategies that have earned them a "no questions asked" attitude from the Free World with regard to their bloody interference in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, the West Bank, Egypt, Kuwait, Yemen, South America and many other countries. In 1983, Syrian and Iranian terrorist proxies were responsible for bloody attacks against the American embassy, marine compound and French troops in Lebanon costing hundreds of Lebanese, French and American lives.

The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC) without any reservations fully shares, adopts and supports the Canadian government's official stance and statement that addressed the terrorist attacks on southern Israel. Our Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's statement of condemnation stated: “Canada condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks in southern Israel today. These cowardly attacks, particularly on civilian targets, are abhorrent and criminal. “On behalf of all Canadians, I send my heartfelt condolences to those affected by today’s vicious attacks. “Israel has a right to defend itself against such terrorist acts in conformity with international humanitarian law. Those responsible for these horrific attacks must be held accountable.”

In conclusion, not even one country in the world could be safe from terrorism and its debilitating cancer. This solid reality must motivate all countries to take an active role in the global fight against terrorism and help the Lebanese people to liberate their country that is occupied by the terrorist Iran- Syrian Hezbollah militia.

Elias Bejjani
*Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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