Flotilla: boisterous & violent condemnations
By: Elias Bejjani

June 01/2010

Monday’s Israeli commando raid on the "Freedom Fleet" (the flotilla of six ships) that was led by the Turkish vessel, Mavi Marmara, in international waters off of Israel while on its way to the besieged Palestinian Gaza strip has generated a worldwide series of condemnations, protests, angry releases, threats, and violence, as well very active diplomatic contacts and consultations on very high levels.

There is no doubt that the outcome of the Israeli raid was sad, unfortunate and bloody. Denouncement of the whole confrontation and of all the associated predisposing and precipitating factors that led to the clash is a must.. Meanwhile, such an incident should have not occurred and accordingly for the future, all required and needed measures that ensure similar accidents do not happen again should be taken. In reality, what happened has happened and nothing could reverse it.

Reason, logic, civilization, law, order and experience teach us that dealing with such a sad incident that has left nine dead and many others injured on both sides is not through impulsive and instinctive reactions, nor via chaotic acts of violent demonstrations, acts of terrorism, rhetorical instigations and spread of hatred which unfortunately erupted on the streets of certain countries, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Britain and many others.

Definitely all juvenile attempts to storm Israeli embassies are not an answer to any problem, nor will burning American and Israeli flags fulfill Ahmadinejad’s grandiose delusion of annihilating Israel and throwing her people into the sea. At the same time, all noisy, rowdy demonstrations and bouts of hysterical anger, agitation, insults and screaming do not offer a solution for any difficulty, while rhetorical and inflammatory releases and speeches will not bring back to life any of those who died in the unfortunate incident.

In our current civilized, free and democratic world of the 21st century the accused is innocent until found guilty in a court of law. We cannot accept or succumb to the cult of death and savagery, because we dearly honor the Charter of Human Rights, advocate tolerance, hail all civilizations, abide by law and order and tribute civil societies.

Based on worldwide acknowledged laws, rights, values and principles we call on all those countries, organizations, politicians, human rights activists, clergy and individuals who are genuinely honest and sincere in their quest to learn the truth about the (“Freedom Fleet”) flotilla incident to demand an immediate, comprehensive and extensive international investigation (tribunal) under United Nations supervision in which Israel and may be Turkey or other concerned countries would actively participate in a bid to find out what actually happened on the ship during the confrontations, identify those responsible and then leave international law take its course to enforce justice.

Sadly, Western countries known as the free world of freedoms and democracy are not exerting any kind of pressure on many of their Arab and Islamic country allies and friends to act with prudence, calmness, respect law and order, or to put an end to their evil tactics of demagogy, incitement of hatred, exploitation of tragedies, infringements of rights, abuse of inflammatory statements and keeping a blind eye on the issuing of religious decrees (Fatwas) that call for discrimination and murder.

Absurdly, many free world countries are bowing to terrorism and terrorists and acting in the same shameful manner the rogue and dictatorial countries and organizations do. Ridiculously, the education of peace, law and order is retreating, while the perverse indoctrination of death, violence and savagery is invading many free world countries societies and governments.
There is no doubt that if inflammatory rhetoric, misleading statements, demagogy, lies, slander, cajoling, bragging, fanaticism, and provocation were weapons that could be used to invade other countries, many Arab and Islamic countries which are masters in these domains would have succeeded in occupying the whole world, and perhaps also invading all the stars and planets that fill the sky.

The huge number of inflammatory, provocative, instigative, hostile and angry statements released and speeches that were issued in the aftermath of the “Freedom Fleet” incident in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and other Arab countries, as well as in Turkey and Iran, solidly confirms that reason, a sense of responsibility, logic and law are all on vacation in these countries. The majority of these countries has never officially dealt with any problem with an intention to solve it, on the contrary, they intentionally pour oil on problems and make them worse so that the despotic rulers can hold on to authority. They lead their people into more intolerance, hatred, fanaticism, cults of death and rebellions on law and true education.

Truly most ridiculous and absurd were the speeches and statements issued by the Syrian regime and the leaders of both Iran and Hezbollah. These killers and terrorists par excellence miraculously turned into advocates of peace and human rights wearing angelic garments.

In conclusion all incidents, problems and conflicts including the "Flotilla" bloody confrontation should be handled within the framework of the law and the edification of peace and human rights. Accordingly, Israel has an obligation to provide all the answers needed, to see that justice prevails and that all those responsible for the sad incident are held accountable.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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