Father Charbel Chidiac

Abouna Charbel Chidiac was the first Maronite priest in Toronto. He succeeded in making a parish out of the Lebanese Christian Community in the GTA. He initiated Our Lady of Lebanon and realized the dream of every one of our people. The church became the objective. It gathered with him every one. It helped assimilate the new comers. It organized the diversity of a community and used every one’s good energy in the right place. Abouna Charbel was a companion for the mature, a son for the elderly and a real father for the majority. He left Toronto and Our Lady of Lebanon’s church long time ago but he always was some how there asking about the old friends checking about the young generation and praying for all. We will miss him for sure but we are glad he is welcomed by our Father in heaven with the same words he used to teach us with: “Enjoy your Master’s happiness”.  From heaven Abouna Charbel will look carefully upon us and with his prayers we hope the parish will continue as united as it was and as promising as we all wish even if it starts having more branches and lots of fruits.